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  1. Roll Call
    • Helen, Andy, Lynn, Mike, rick, Dave and John.
    • Regrets: Ken McCaslin
  2. TSC Report
    • Lynn and Helen provided an update of recent activities at the TSC.
  3. Work Group Health review
    • No issues regarding work group health report
  4. Prepare WGM Agenda
    1. Review (and approve) the Project Approval Process document created by Project Services WG.
    2. Review Active Projects Report
      • Identify projects that should be closed/deleted
      • Identify projects that should be launched/documented
      • Discuss what work is appropriate to be its own project or not.
  5. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
    2. International Mentoring
      • Puerto Rico will be attending the Rio meeting and making an introduction at the Sunday International Council meeting. Will also be hosting a session on Tuesday afternoon in Rio to discuss participation by HL7 members is an event in Puerto Rico this summer.
    3. Education
      • Starting to work on new initiative with academic organizations to enable brining students into working on HL7 projects and incorporating HL7 into their course materials. This has come from Bob Dolin and is related to the request from Mohoawk College.
    4. Publishing
      • Project Scope Statement MIF-Publishing v2.0
      • Helen: Suggest changing target dates so that they identify the ballot deadline date, rather than the ballot cycle itself.
      • Approved unanimously with Helen's friendly amemdment.
    5. Project Services
      • MOTION: Dave/Andy - Approval of Project Scope Statement for Project Approval Process as distributed to T3SD List on May 7th.
      • Discussed and approved unanimously.
    6. PMO
    7. PIC
      • No updates since last meeting.
  6. Planning when to meet after Rio
    • Since May 31st is a holiday in the USA, decision to restart meetings on June 7th.
  7. Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm ESt.