T3SD ConCall-20100301

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Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call
  2. TSC Report
  3. Approve 15 February 2010 Minutes
  4. Review Action items from last SD Meeting:
    1. Action item: Tooling should develop education for some of the tools they are promoting.
    2. Action item: Lynn will need to check to see if she can harvest the number of messages over a period of time.
    3. Action item: Ken will send an email out regarding 3/16 at 4:30pm or 3/22.
  5. Survey response regarding moving 3/15 T3SD Meeting to 3/16 or 3/22
  6. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
    2. International Mentoring
    3. Tooling
    4. Education
    5. Publishing
    6. Project Services
    7. PIC
  7. Achieiving effective WGM meetings for WG - how chairs should evaluate?
    1. Lets review the Kyoto questionaire - Lynn will share the Survey Monkey information
  8. Continued discussion on WG health measures
  9. SD SWOT Analysis - Please review and submit comments SWOT File
  10. Project review for: PIC, Publishing, Tooling
  11. Project Faciliation Discussion
  12. DMP review - Voting requirements
  13. Planning Agenda for next meeting