T3SD ConCall-20090831

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Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Admin
    • Roll Call
      • Ken McCaslin, Dave Hamill, Mike Henderson, Andy Stechishin, Helen Stevens Love, Freida Hall, Nancy Wilson-Roman, Jean Headu, Lynn Laakso,
    • Accept Agenda
    • Approve reports
      • Approve meeting minutes from August 10
        • Ken made the motion to approve meeting notes
    • TSC meeting Report
      • Education Project approved
      • New product called Education Services has been approved.
      • Did approve the Project Services project request.
  2. Work Grloup Updates (anything important for Helen/Ken to know )
    1. Education
      • Nothing
    2. Electronic Services
      • Nothing
    3. PIC
      • Co-chair manual in draft for the meeting.
    4. Project Services
      • Working on 3 year plan and SWOT preparing for the Atlanta meeting and project insight clearnup.
    5. Publishing
      • V3 publishing working on SWOT and 3 year Plan in time for Atlanta meeting
      • Looking at issues regarding short cycle between October/January 2011. January 10, 2011 in Orlando/Sydney
      • discuss the short cycle in 2010/2011
    6. Tooling
      • Q1 Thursday will have joint with ES TSC Tooling Item.
  3. T3SD Wiki Landing Page configuration
    • Motion to approve changing the landing page as per the distributed outline: Ken, Jean seconded.
  4. Begin T3SD Agenda Planning for WGM Monday Night
    • Update from the Saturday meeting
    • Review Thursday Q1 Agenda Tooling meeting
    • Time to go through co-chair handbook changes
    • SWOT review and upload to T3SD
    • 3 Year Plan review and upload to T3SD
    • Out fall decisions regarding proposed ballot proposals for 2010/2011
    • Task lists TSC.
  5. Begin building Thursday Q1 agenda for the Tooling Meeting
    • Q1 Thursday will have joint with ES and PS
    • What are the best practices
    • Web site versus wiki
    • Look at the tool, is this working for us what roll should it be used for.