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Every other Thursday Beginning 5 February, at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time:
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Phone Number: 770-657-9270
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  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
      • Jane Curry, Dave Hamill, Abdul Malik Shakir, Woody Beeler, Helen Stevens Love
    2. Accept Agenda
    3. Approve meeting minutes from WGM
      • defer - Helen to check when/if sent out.
  2. Reports
    1. TSC meeting Report (Helen)
      • Main focus on the SAEF rollout project planning and TSC organizational issues.
      • Other approvals of scope/ project request.
    2. ArB Update (Jane)
      • ArB has been updateing aspects of the SAEF document. Split the document into chapters that can be authored and managed separately. Chapters include Introduction, Conformance Layers, Governance and Behavoiral Framework. Current focus is on the Conformance Layers chapter - work is being coordinated with OHT architecture group. Information is available on ArB and OHT wikis.
    3. Editoral Review Board update (Dick/Ginny)
      • This project seems to be lost - the Editors are still working with Publishing, M&M etc. There has been no acitivy and Ginny reported at the WGM that there has been no meetings/engagement for her to report.
      • ACTION Helen/Ken to take back to TSC to determine status/role of this group and alignment with other activities. Do we really need this?
  3. Updates from WG regarding Kyoto meeting -
    • Tooling has scaled back (2 Q, not 4) primary focus on orientation on work in progress. Will have quorum (just).
    • Education will have quorum and business as susual.
    • Publishing will have quorum and has meeting scheduled.
    • Project Services ?
    • PMO?
    • PIC?
    • ACTION Helen to folloup with other SD committees.
  4. Update on Project Scope statement (Dave/Freida)
    • V2009 has been published based on approval in Orlando.
    • Still issues with list of Products - Woody noted that "Data Types" is not listed as a product. Needs to be revised or better - removed from form.
    • This is already on the table with the TSC.
  5. Update regarding ARB position on backward compatibility (AMS)
    • Project scope statement wants to have indicator of backward compatibility - needs to be yes/no/unknown because in some cases there is contreversy over what breaks backward compatibility.
    • Woody: Question should not be 'backward compatible' it should be 'plausible'... need to identify those projects that know going in that they won't be backwardly compatible. S
    • Some projects start expecting/hoping to be backward compatible, but don't always stay to this when completing the work.
    • This is the ArB's responsibllity, but not currently being worked on due to focus onthe SAEF.
    • ACTION Dave to coordinate with AMS on change to the proejct scope statement.
  6. Update from ES Regarding co-chair elections (Ken)
    • Defer to next meeting.
  7. Roadmap Update (Ken)
    • Defer to next meeting.
  8. Should revised Project Scope Stmts go through SD/TSC approval? (Pjt Services WG GForge Tracker 880)(Dave)
  9. Tooling Inventory duplication between Tooling and ES. (Jane)
    1. Which group has responsibility for which documents?
  10. Education Committee - considering e-learning as a separate group (AMS)
  11. Recomended strategies from Publishing to go to TSC (Woody)
  12. (10 min) New Business