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Every other Thursday, beginning 2 October 2008 at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time:
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  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
      • Woody, Ken, John Q, Frieda, Dave, Helen - No Quorum
  2. TSC meeting Report - Helen/Woody
    • Discussion on the subject of the role of the DAM and if a DAM can/should be a ballotable artefact in of itself. Is a useful tool for business/clinical engagement - but if there is no clear track to move to include in a standard then it is a valid work item? How can this be managed?
    • Discussion on how DAMs are reflected as a Product - Marketing has establihed the list of the Products and may be responsible for maintining this. But we don't have a formal Product mangement role/group.
    • ACTION Frieda to take action item to reach out to Marketing to determine if there needs to be a change to the Scope statement for January.
  3. ArB Update - Abdul-Malik/Jane
    • AMS/Jane not on call.
    • ARB has developed a formal deck for use/distribution at the January WGM. The TSC will determine the next step for adoption of the SAEAF activity.
  4. Tooling Update - Jane
    • Tooling tactical plan advancing and has been distributed in Draft. Will be formally given to John in next couple of days.
    • Consequence of last week's discusisons, had c-call with NSCEE that supports G-Forge. They are not seeking to 'get rid of HL7' but are having funding crunch and we are working with them to continue the service. Need to better define our relationship with them and establish an MOU for going forward. Other option through Collab-net, but won't need to make conversion until Mid-March - so time to make decision.
    • Need to discuss the agenda for the joint meeting at the WGM to discuss the shared tooling (Tooling, Project Services, ES). Assumption was that Tooling (Jane) would be chairing the meeting and will develop the agenda as part of their WGM agenda planning.
    • ACTION Freida, to confirm with Wilfred that tooling is chairing the joint meeting and distribute agenda.
  5. Publishing
    • Publishing is starting work on next Normative Edition.
  6. Annoucements
    • Woody: Grahame Grieve (for INM) sent question regarding a ballot to revise shared messages - included both new material and existing Normative information for completeness). One ballot voter responded against existing Normative messages that were included in the ballot but were not part of the balloting content. Committee found vote out of scope / non-persuasive, voter refused to withdraw, committee re-balloted (recirculation ballot) to confirm that it was out of scope (they were told to do this, but not sure who by) and it came back in favor of the voter.
      • Commitee may have been remiss in not clearly identifying material that was subject to comment in the original ballot.
      • John: Feels that it should have just been out of scope initially and not have had the recirculation ballot.
      • Now that it has been reballoted - then committee may be tied to the results of the recirculation. What is the ramifications now?
      • ACTION Woody to do further research and forward to John Q.
    • Ken: Reminder about the use of ICONs on the meeting agendas. Frieda: HQ is establishing a formal template for agendas that will incorporate the icons.
  7. SD SWOT [1]
    1. Proposed Strategy [2]
      1. Items highlighted in green are have the potential to impact the group
      2. Items with red lettering is new veribage to make the item belong to SD
    2. Next steps
  8. Update on Educations SWOT and Work Plan - Abdul-Malik/Mike
  9. Decision Making Practices - Ken
  10. Review TSC Tasklist
  11. (10 min) New Business


  • TBD

Meeting Minutes