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Every other Thursday, beginning 2 October 2008 at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time:
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  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
      • Helen Stevens Love, Ken McCaslin, Woody Beeler,Jane Curry, Dave Hamlin, June R.
    2. Accept Agenda
  2. TSC meeting Report - Ken
    1. At the Vancouver meeting there was a request to help idnetify in agendas the types of sessions. There was plan to use specific icons (Busingss, Technical, Ballot Reconciliarion) on the agendas. Ken advising the SD members that when agendas are put together they need to indicate by using the icons in their agenda to help guide members to the right sessions.
      • Question - how do you include an icon in an agenda spreadsheet? Will need to adjust standard agenda spreadsheet to have a cell for the icon.
      • What happens if session is none of the above (default to Tehcnical or blank)?
      • Needs better definitions of what the terms (especially Business) means.
      • Icons announcement will be sent out in TSC newsletter next week.
      • ACTION: Helen to work with Andrea to create a paragraph for each icon to provide guidance. (see email from Charlie Oct 11th).
      • ACTION: Ken to add to next SD agenda meeting to ensure all members are OK.
    2. There is a plan to update the GOM so that the RIM is going to be balloted as a 'continued maintenance' document with ANSI. This was proposed by M&M.
      • Woody: Why does this need to be in GOM? June belives that this is so that GOM can properly describe differen types of ballots we have. So change to GOM is to define 'maintenance ballot'.
    3. GOM will be edited to include informaiton about introduction of Vendor Products at WGM. This is to suppor thte abiltiy of ommitytees (like Tooling) to invite vendors to demonstrate products for the purpose of selecting tools for use by HL7 in HL7 business.
      • This does NOT address the concern that tooling had at the last meeting. Tooling want so tbe able to have demonstratioins of tools for implementaitons - not just tools for "HL7 Business". Tooling (and other committees) need to have forum for hosting demonstrations of 'useful software' that could be used in implementing, using, leveraging HL7 products. This includes provider organization's use of tooling - or even demonstrations of provider implementations of the standards (e.g. PHER demonstrations of Public Health approaches for IT).
      • Woody: Tooling agenda is just to be able to demonstrate tools without going to extent of Info-Fair. Tooling committee will be writing up their objectives and present them. RIMBA also needs to do this.
      • Ken: This sounds like it needs to be an HL7 strategy and should be taken to the board to approve the stategy. TSC should focus on requirements and present a number of options.
      • ACTION: Jane - tooling WG to develop a 'purpose statement'
      • ACTION: Woody to liaise with F&T SD to get RIMBA to also produce requirements/prupose statement.
    4. Recommendation to the TSC that they develop options (based on requirements from WG) to be presented to the board and ask board to make strategic decision.
  3. ArB Update - Jane
    • Continued work on SAEAF document. Joint meeting with Harmonization last week.
    • Still don't know next steps - #* ARB still working on 'organizational/governance impacts'. These are still being finalized - and John Q and Charlie M need to work on next steps.
      • Woody: Feels that we should wait a cycle and see the impact and have better understanding of the SAEAF document before jumping to conclusion that there will be an organizational impact.
      • Jane: Part of scope of ARB project was to consider organizaitonal impacts. One of the outstandings from the transition work force is to clarify TSC/ARB etc...
  4. Tooling Update - Jane
    • Joint session between Tooling & Product Services & Electronic Services Q2 on Thursday. Objective - to understand roles of WGs in producing/supporting tools and so efforts are syncronized and coordinated and dependanceis covered/understood.
    • Tooling working on tool requirements catalogue.
  5. Harmonization update - Woody
    • Tuesday spent on future of vocabaulary submission.s
    • RIM released on Friday.
    • Wed/Thur/Fri spent joint with ARB.
  6. Review of projects that require approval
    1. Marketing
      • Budget will be $10,000 from the Marketing budget. Project plan has been updated to reflect this.
      • The Product/Services group has taken lesson learned to ensure this is more clear on future project plans.
  7. SD SWOT [1]
    1. Proposed Strategic Plan (SP) [2]
      • Items highlighted in green are have the potential to impact the group
      • Items with red lettering is new veribage to make the item belong to SD
      • Ken reviewed the proposed strategy.
      • Jane: Are we working based on annual quarters, or thirds (based on meeting schedule). The roadmap was published in Quarters - that's why the strategy is in quarters... but needs to be based on WGM schedule (i.e. in thrids) to more closely align with reality of WG planning.
      • ACTION Ken to ask for it to be based on trimesters not quarters.
      • Ken: What is the gameplan to manage the Strategic Plan?
        • Items where just need to be aware - make them ongoing agenda items, not part of Strategic Plan. Have a single item on SP to montitor ongoing items of interest.
      • Need method for maintaining Strategic Plan - i.e. monitoring events and updating the plan. Decision that each Plennary meeting we will have agenda item to update/confirm the Strategic Plan.
      • SP does not include items that are not specifically part of SD's responsibilities and scope (e.g. hiring a TSC Analyst).
      • ACTION: Ken to add to Dec 11th SD Agenda.
  8. Project Services - folllow-up - Freida
    • Did not have time to address in this meeting.
  9. WG Web Page Template and project update - Dave/Ken
    • Did not have time to address in this meeting.
  10. Update on Educations SWOT and Work Plan - Abdul-Malik/Mike
    • Did not have time to address in this meeting.
  11. Decision Making Practices - Ken
    • Did not have time to address in this meeting.
  12. Review TSC Tasklist
    • Did not have time to address in this meeting.
  13. New Business
    1. Editorial Advisory Board Update (Dick Harding or Virginia Lorenzi)
      • ACTION: Helen to ask Dick and Virginia to provide an update on WGM meeting.
    2. January WGM Agenda items
      • ACTION: Ken to add to Dec 11th agenda.