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Every other Thursday, beginning 2 October 2008 at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time:
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Phone Number: 770-657-9270
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  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
      • Helen Stevens Love, Ken McCaslin, Woody Beeler,Jane Curry, Dave Hamlin, June R.
    2. Accept Agenda
  2. TSC meeting Report - Helen/Ken
    • At the Vancouver meeting there was a request to help idnetify in agendas the types of sessions. There was plan to use specific icons (Busingss, Technical, Ballot Reconciliarion) on the agendas. Ken advising the SD members that when agendas are put together they need to indicate by using the icons in their agenda to help guide members to the right sessions.
      • Question - how do you include an icon in an agenda spreadsheet? Will need to adjust standard agenda spreadsheet to have a cell for the icon.
      • What happens if session is none of the above (default to Tehcnical or blank)?
      • Needs better definitions of what the terms (especially Business) means.
      • Icons announcement will be sent out in TSC newsletter next week.
      • ACTION: Helen to work with Andrea to create a paragraph for each icon to provide guidance. (see email from Charlie Oct 11th).
      • ACTION: Ken to add to next SD agenda meeting to ensure all members are OK.
  3. ArB Update - Abdul-Malik/Jane
  4. Tooling Update - Jane
  5. Harmonization update - Woody
  6. Review of projects that require approval
    1. Marketing
      • Budget will be $10,000 from the Marketing budget. Project plan has been updated to reflect this.
      • The Product/Services group has taken lesson learned to ensure this is more clear on future project plans.
  7. SD SWOT [1]
    1. Proposed Strategy [2]
      • Items highlighted in green are have the potential to impact the group
      • Items with red lettering is new veribage to make the item belong to SD
    2. Next steps
  8. Project Services - folllow-up - Freida
  9. WG Web Page Template and project update - Dave/Ken
  10. Update on Educations SWOT and Work Plan - Abdul-Malik/Mike
  11. Decision Making Practices - Ken
  12. Review TSC Tasklist
  13. New Business
    1. Editorial Advisory Board Update (Dick Harding or Virginia Lorenzi)
      • ACTION: Helen to ask Dick and Virginia to provide an update on Dec 11th meeting.
    2. January WGM Agenda items