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Every other Thursday, beginning 2 October 2008 at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time:
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Phone Number: 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 226122#


  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
      • Members: AMS, June Rup, Dave Hamil, Helen Stevens Love (Scribe), Ken McKaslin (chair)
      • Guests: Mike Kingery
    2. Accept Agenda
      • Reviwed and adjusted as below.
  2. Standing Reports
    1. TSC meeting Report - Helen/Ken
      • Discussion SAEAF document "Services Aware Enterprise Archtecture Framework".
      • Helen updated on TSC's work to engage a Project Manager to move forward the operationalization and rollout of the ArB recommendations.
      • Ken - TSC approved "Identify Workgroups Document Location" project this week (see item with Mike below).
    2. ArB Update - AMS
      • Work is to try to formalize the SAEAF document
      • Document was distrubited duirng WGM, SOA WG did peer review. Peer review identified that behavioural seciton was most lacking. John Kush and Allan Honney have co-authored document on behavoural framework that wes distributed to Arb and will be subject of next week's 'virtual' meeting.
      • Face-2-Face meeting scheduled in Washington DC Nov 12-14 (aligned with HL7 Harmonization meeting). Agneda is toto discuss SAEAF in entirety. Hoping to have some M&M people who can stay from harmonization meeting - they want more representation.

SAEAF document is on the ARB Wiki (URL to be provided by AMS!!!)

        • Action: AMS to insert the ARB Wiki URL into these minutes (and he can then delete this action!).
    1. Tooling Update - Jane
      • Ken provided update since Jane could not attend.

Jane confirms joint meeting with ES, Product Services and Tooling. Requirements Catalogue will be ready for review end of November - Jane recommends we use the Tooling Wiki to have off-line discussions.

        • Action:' Ken to udate these minutes with the correct Wiki and URL - and then delete this action!
    1. Dynamic Model updaet - AMS""
      • Behavioural Framework
  1. Consolidating all the work group areas - Mike Kingery
    • Mike is the web-master for HL7 and works with the ES committee. He is working on TSC request to post links to all documents, minutes etc to the HL7 Website pages. Currently all the WG pages are distributed as they were created ad-hoc. Mike has been working on consolidating pages to allow for support. Mike needs representatives from WG to be test WG for implementaiton of the new WG Pages. Ken sent request to SD for WG volunteers - focus is on this SD because ES is in this SD.
      • June voluneers PIC, but concern that PIC is not dynamic enough to be a good test. Mike accepts PIC.
      • Ken is volunteering Electronic Services forward. Mike accepts ES.
      • AMS: what is implication of being in test? A: Basically, to do QA on the WG being moved and work with Mike if there are any bugs (e.g. ability to upload documents). There is no jeopardy of loosing content.
      • AMS wants to focus on existing backog of administration, so does not want to volunteer Education.
      • Action: Ken to ask Frieda for Product Services and Woody/Klaus/Jane/Dick for Publishing.
      • Action: Ken to add "Agenda" to the spreadsheet that will be sent out to identify the location of artefacts.
    • Need to solicit assistance from SD members - or the groups.
    1. WG web page update projec - Dave/Ken"
  2. Review of projects that require approval
    • None
  3. Review PIC SWOT and strategic plans
    • PIC
  4. Review Education SWOT and strategic plans
  5. SD SWOT
    • Distributed to list on Oct 16th by Ken
  6. Decision making practices - Using template to make proposed adjustments to support eVote.
  7. TSC assigned task review
  8. (10 min) New Business


  • Jane Curry


  • TBD

Meeting Minutes