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Every other Thursday, beginning 2 October 2008 at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time:
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  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
      • Jane Curry, Ken McKaslin, Dave Hamill, Helen Stevens Love, Freida Hall, June Rosploch
    2. Accept Previous Minutes
      • Corrections to WGM Meeting minutes: Dave Hammill, Time Ireland, AMS, last name misspelled, need to Check spelling on entire minutes.
    3. TSC meeting Report
      1. Are ArB OOC meetings open to membership? - Ken
        • Yes, these meetings are open to all members; however, there are no travel funds available.
        • Ken suggested that committees that are specifically impacted by the ARB be advised more specifically about the Wednesday meeting at the next WGM. Co-chairs of affected committees have been advised to notify members, also was announced at morning session.
        • TSC socialize the open meeting for the January WGM (ArB) - Ken
      2. Dynamic Model update - not limited to services but includes everything - AMS
        • AMS not on call
      3. Update from Education Services WG RE: expanding WG web page to support document locations - Ken/Dave
        • Have recieved task from TSC to identify where committee documents are stored if not on the main WG page on the website.
      4. Wiki policy update - Ken
        • ES is also working on a WIKI policy (when and how should be used). Will document that Normative information should NOT be stored on wiki.
        • Overload of tasks, so this stuff going slowly, but starting with an example based on somebody elses policies.
    4. ArB Update
      • Jane reported that there is a scheduled but yet to be confrirmed ArB OOC meeting first week of December for all co-chairs of affected groups (primarily foundation groups) to go over any organizational impacts.
      • Charlie has defined an "Enterprise Architecture Specification" (project ID 365). This project has foulded in a number of existing activities including the reorganization analysis, dynamic framework requirements and V3 standards changes.
        • Does not include the "Ballot Quality Criteria" project (Keith Boone) in the scope of #365.
      • Have 3 interim meetings scheduled with objective of having polished SAEFE document ready by end of November for socialization at January WGM. Completing sectionson internal governance, behavioural framework and others that was not completed.
      • Renaming of 'dynamic model' to 'behavourial framework' to better refelct scope expansion into application behavious in terms of the services defined.
    5. Tooling Update
      • Jane: During WGM, tooling committee reviewed TSC presentation and agreed with priorities. Pain point is the Vocab harm submissions - in effect vocab repository needs to become more obust terminology service. Static model redesign to expand to include addiitonal constraints desiired by implementation guide devleopers. The OID Registry user interface needs to impvoe to validatye meta data to validate oids to reduce cleanup. Overarching planning for rollout and release strategy including training and timing of tools rollout. Does not cover full scope requested - awaiting more budget from HL7.
      • Don't have clean line between tools ES committee tooling scope and tooling committee scope. TSC is expecting this SD to sort that out.
        • Joint meeting Thursday Q1 Tooling hosting ES and Project Services to develop a proposal for tooling mangement for the SD and to resolve any tooling overlaps between the committees.
          • ACTION: Ken to verify that Project Services can participate on Q1 Thursday.
    6. Review of projects that require approval
      1. Approval of Scope statement for WG web page update - Ken/Dave
        • New project defined "Identify Work Group Document Locations" as distributed by Ken.
        • Project Scope: The TSC would like to have at the top of each WG page, a place to put the URL(s) where the following documents are located (examples are also provided):
        • Ken will be requesting each committee to indicate where there information is actually stored and ES will update the website to indicate where the files actually are located.
        • Motion to move this project forward. Helen/June.
          • Discussion: 2nd paragraph in project scope wording needs to be reworded.
          • Approved unanimously.
        • ACTION: Ken to get TSC approval of the project scope statement to ensure that this project correctly reflects their requirements. Ken will update tracker item #588 and ask TSC to review and close.
    7. Decision Making Practices
      • Jane raised question about how the e-vote works and how non-responses are counted versus negatives.
      • ACTION: Ken - when PIC completes work on DMP Template, Ken will use template to fix our DMP and bring back to SD for approval.
    8. SD SWOT
      • Ken had committed to look at existing SWOTs and pull out SD level items to be correlated. Has not had chance to do this - defer to next call. Need to get the SWOTs and Strategic Objectives submitted from missing committees.
      • Education, Mentoring, V2 Publishing need to submit THIS WEEK.
      • June reports that PIC has done theirs and will post it.
      • ACTION: Ken to send polite email to remind committees to submit their SWOT and Strategic Objectives.
      • Committees should send to T3SD distribution list - or just Ken.
    9. TSC Task list review and update
      1. 135: Need P&:P regaring DSTUs and normative standards
        • Decided that intent of this task has been completed and in process of developing processes in HDF (next publication). Propose to bew closed.
      2. 182: Determine/recommend the tools to be used across the organization
        • Same as #323 on Tracker - propose closing to-do list.
        • Will update that this is in progress with joint meeting scheduled Q1 Thursday at WGM to resolve.
    10. (10 min) New Business



  • TBD

Meeting Minutes