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2nd and 4th Thursday, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time:
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Phone Number: 770-657-9270
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  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
    2. Accept Agenda
    3. Approve reports
      1. Approve meeting minutes from June 30 and the WGM
    4. TSC meeting Report
      1. Project review
      2. Two Standing Divisions in election process
      3. ARB report - Abdul-Malik Shakir
        1. Two out of cycle meetings schedule July and August??
        2. Update on July meeting
          1. Jane and AMS provided an update. Looked at what conformance means for business aspect.
          2. Folding services in with other product lines.
          3. Trying to develop a full service mechanism.
          4. Will have an impact on this steering division because publishing and education as well as the foundation steering division.
          5. Biggest impact is likely to be on the dynamic model. Services are more of a conversation than just an exchange of data. Much of what we are doing should fit well within the existing processes.
          6. The model with SOA will have facilitators much like Publishing, MnM and vocab. They already have work in progress.
        3. Review Agenda of August meeting
          1. Work with steering division groups like publishing and education and the foundation steering division.
          2. Complete work on dynamic model
          3. Complete the model to have facilitators much like Publishing, MnM and vocab.
  2. SD co-chairs - can they fill in for WG co-chairs (Ken)
    1. Question for TSC: Steering division co-chairs filling for WG co-chairs; is this still considered quorum and is it ‘good practice’?
    2. This would only really be relevant if the WG requires an elected co-chair to be present for quorum. Some committees don’t require the elected co-chair so it is not an issue (e.g. ARB where they only have one chair. Other committees require an elected co-chair to be present.
    3. Would be limited to the SD Co-chairs (chair & alternate) for the SD that the WG is within.
    4. This would be at the discretion and request of the WG. WG could/should specificy in their DMP if they wish to use the SD co-chair to support them this way.
    5. Action: Ken to take suggestion to TSC to make option available to WGs.
  3. Changes to GOM to support Project Life Cycle (Ken/Dave)
    1. The Project Services Work Group is working closely with the Goernance and Operations Work Group to reconcile the Project Life Cycle and the GOM. The outcome was a new Project Life Cycle diagram that was ordered to work better for the GOM.
    2. Updates to Project Insight to support changes to Project Life Cycle (Ken/Dave)
      1. The project services committee has developed three templates for projects, normative, informative and DSTU. The templates are designed to assist project leaders with building their project plan by creating the default set of milestones and gates for project processes.
  4. Update from Work Groups on Strategic Plan, SWOT, and Mission and Charters
    1. Reminder that target Aug 14 and Aug 28th for SWOT, Strategic planning and charters for all WGs. With the schedule planned as outlined below:
      1. Aug 14th; Tooling, Publishing, PIC, Project Services
      2. Aug 28th; Education, Electronic Services
      3. Action: Ken to send reminder.
  5. How to determine SD position on TSC issues between meetings (Ken)
    1. Many projects are coming forward by other SD
    2. Do not have an opportunity to wait until next meeting for decision
    3. Will we support email response and what are the requirements for decisions (Ken)
  6. Began discussion about agenda for Steering Division Meeting for Monday at the WGM
  7. (10 min) New Business


  • none


  • Ken McCaslin - Chair/Scribe
  • Helen Stevens Love - Scribe
  • Dave Hamill - HL7 HQ
  • Abdul-Malik Shakir - ArB Rep/Education
  • Jane Curry - Tooling

Meeting Minutes

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