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2nd and 4th Thursday, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time:
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Phone Number: 702-894-2444
Participant Passcode: 8181044#


  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
    2. Accept Agenda
    3. TSC meeting Report
    4. Announcments
        1. Conf. call number and passcode changes effective 31 March 2008
  2. Searchable HL7 Project Database (dhamill)
  3. Approval of DMP
  4. TSC task 329 - Define owner of HL7 Glossary
  5. TSC task 321 - Define Appropriate Home/Role for Involvement Task Force
  6. TSC Task 329 - Define owner of HL7 Glossary
  7. Update from Jane regarding ArB - clarity on ownership of task
  8. TSC task 321 - Define Appropriate Home/Role for Involvement Task Force
  9. Mayo Wiki - Recommendation by Mayo that HL7 find a new server
  10. (10 min) New Business


  • Ken McCaslin Chair/ESC
  • Woody Beeler V3-Publishing
  • Jane Curry - Tooling
  • Frieda Hall - PSC/Scribe
  • Dave Hamill - HL7 HQ/PMO
  • Abdul-Malik Shakir - Education

Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
    2. Review agenda and accept - escalate agenda item to discuss Mayo WIKI; merge duplicative agenda items #4, 6, and 7
    3. TSC Meeting Report
      1. 3/10 TSC call – John Quinn is looking for volunteers to represent HL7 at HITSP. Ken requested recommendations be forwarded to him and he will share with John Quinn. The TSC also reviewed draft of the out of cycle ballot criteria.
    4. 3/17 call TSC call – The ARB reported they are working on 4 projects:
      1. Reorganization - defining boundaries and responsibilities of committees
      2. Dynamic Model project
      3. Business model – will require conversation with and possible funding from Board
      4. Ballot quality project to define criteria for artifacts to pass each stage of Product/Project Lifecycle. Initial focus is on critical ones, esp. those subject to automated checking. Publishing should be engaged in this project. Keith Boone is project lead.
    5. Approve Minutes – 20030313 call - need to correct listing of items duplicated on the agenda for this week’s call. Motion to accept minutes by Jane, seconded by Woody. Abdul-Malik abstained (he did not attend the call); no negatives; 4 affirmative. Motion carried.
    6. Announcements – starting 3/31 all the conference call dial in numbers change. The new dial in is 770-657-9270; our Passcode will change to 226122. The call reminders for calls 3/31 and beyond should have the correct dial in and Passcode.
      1. Abdul-Malik announced the Education Committee forwarded a project scope statement (PSS) for EC/Board approval without obtaining SD or TSC approval; the SD reviewed the PSS which is a project sponsored by EHR and Structured Documents to host a webinar partnering with WEDI or X12, since HL7 does not have Webinar capability. We have a MOU with both WEDI and X12. There was some urgency to the project, e.g. it is planned for the week of April 7 to explain the Plan-to-plan Personal Health Record Data Transfer specification which is currently in ballot. The PSS was reviewed via GotoMeeting; Woody suggest inserting ‘-‘, e.g. “plan-to-plan” but retracted the request as Abdul-Malik was experiencing PC problems and could not edit the scope statement. Freida asked the cost of the project; AMS replied there would be a charge to participants and they hoped there would be a net profit which would be split with WEDI or X12 (which ever organization sponsors the webinar.) Motion by Abdul-Malik to approve the Project Scope Statement, seconded by Woody and carried unanimously. Action Item: Ken will seek TSC approval on Monday’s call and submit the TSC tracker before Friday’s triage call.
  2. Searachable HL7 Project Database - Dave Hamill - [1]
    1. Dave reported this project has been on his list to accomplish since he was hired. The proposed process is a step forward. As described in the proposal, a searchable database (via Project Insight) will be provided to co-chairs and members will have access to an extracted project list published to Gforge: http://hl7projects.hl7.nscee.edu/frs/?group_id=52. Dave will work with co-chairs to validate project status (inactive, archived, completed, etc.). Project Insight has a user fee constraint, so Dave initially plans to issue a single logon per committee. Woody questioned whether Dave needs to change passwords when co-chairs change, esp. since project facilitator’s may not be co-chairs but need password access. Abdul Malik questioned whether the T3S approved PMO projects; Karen suggested to Dave he follow the same path as for project scope approval, e.g. PSC Cmt., SD, to TSC. Woody commented prospectively would recommend PMO projects come through the ‘steward’ committee (Project Services). Freida comment Project Services had reviewed and approved Dave’s proposal this week, but had not considered submitting it as a project since it was a staff initiative. Motion by Freida that we forward the proposal to the TSC for approval; noting it was previously approved by PSC, with the caveat that Dave will complete a Project Scope Statement; motion seconded by Abdul-Malik. Discussion ensued whether it is worth the time to enter historic projects that are no longer active. Dave commented it would be helpful to have all the historical project information in a central repository (Project Insight). Dave has entered historical project through Sept 2006 (which would have been in the January 2007 ballot cycle). Motion carried unanimously. Dave will create a TSC tracker for this item.
  3. Mayo Wiki - Recommendation by Mayo that HL7 find a new server - Woody felt the Tooling Cmt. does not own WIKI issues, it should belong to ESC. Jane clarified the request to do an overarching tooling requirement was forwarded to Tooling Cmt., proposing phased implementation and with expectation to work with the ESC. Tooling Cmt. anticipates time and budget issues. Woody commented the WIKI is a new web site. Mayo cannot continue to provide services they have in the past; they have asked HL7 to determine how/when this issue can be resolved. Tooling can’t do anything at the moment per Jane. Ken agreed that ESC should own the issue, but they don’t have bandwidth to address at the moment. Jane thinks John Quinn is aware of the issue and planning to present the issue to the Board; it’s not just server issue, but administrative issue for maintenance, thus there is budget implication.
  4. Approval of DMP - Deferred
  5. TSC Task 329 - Define owner of HL7 Glossary - Update from Jane regarding ArB - clarity on ownership of task discussed 3/13 call. The ArB is interested in resolution of this issue, but defers ‘ownership’ to the T3S.
  6. TSC Task 321
  7. New Business

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