T3SD ConCall-20080124

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  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
    2. Accept Agenda
    3. TSC meeting Report
Insert Agenda items here
  1. (5 min) Archive Proposal for Meeting Minutes
    1. See proposal sent by Ken
  2. (5 min) ESC Propose that Dr. Bill Braithwaite as third co-chair
  3. (5 min) V3 Publishing co-chair committee balloting
  4. (5 min) No update on decision practices
    1. Ken ask that this be postponed to next SD meeting
  5. (10 min) Pjt Scope Stmt Approval Process Modification (Hamill)
  6. (10 min) New Business


  • Ken McCaslin

Meeting 24 January 2008


  • Helen Stevens Love (chair)
  • Woody Beeler V3 Publishing
  • Jane Curry - Tooling
  • Jane Foard - V2 Publishing
  • Lloyd McKenzie - Tooling
  • Abdul Malik Shakir - Education

Meeting Minutes

  • Electronic Services Committee - Proposes Bill Braithwait as Chairs:
    • Moved by Abdul Malik Shakir, Second by Lloyd McKenzie. vote: Unanimous.
  • V3 Publishing Commitee - Proposes Woody Beeler and Dick Harding as co-chairs:
    • Moved by Jane Curry and seconded by Lloyd. Vote: Unanimous.
  • January 2008 Working Group Meeting minutes approval
    • Need to add discussion about Proxy and decision to not allow Proxies.
    • Approval of WGM meeting minutes with admendments. Moved by Lloyd, second by Jane Foard. Vote: Unanimous.
  • Short discussion on the possiblity of using gForge WIKI. ESC to act further evaluation of this. (Helen to send email subsequent to call to ESC.

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