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The following motion is intended to formalize discussions on the role of the HL7 "Chief Technology Officer" and that role's relationship to the prospective Technical Directorate.


  • The task of over-seeing and coordinating the technical activities of Health Level Seven requires the full-time attention of a knowledgeable professional, "Technical Officer";
  • The effective coordination of the various committees and SIGs requires a restructuring of these into three or four sub-groups reporting to an elected Technical Directorate;
  • The Technical Directorate must assure the continued involvement and support of HL7's Core Resource - volunteer-driven Working Group; and
  • The success of the Technical Directorate and the success of the "Technical Officer" are inextricably intertwined, and, further, are essential to HL7's success;

THEREFORE, the Transitional Technical Task Force RESOLVES to recommend:

  • The "Technical Officer" should be recruited to work with and support the Technical Directorate in its responsibilities to oversee HL7's technical activities;
  • The "Technical Officer" should report to the CEO and the HL7 Board, and should be a voting member of the Technical Directorate.
  • The Chair of the Technical Directorate should be be elected by the voting members of the Technical Directorate, and selected from within the members of the Technical Directorate.
  • The Technical Directorate and its Chair should delegate responsibilities and operational decision-making (to be defined later) to the "Technical Officer."
  • The Technical Directorate should have a role in recruiting and evaluating the "Technical Officer."