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==Meeting Agendas & Minutes ('''Click Here''')==
==[[Main Page#Meeting Minutes and Agenda (most recent first)|Meeting Agendas & Minutes ('''Click Here''')]]==
===Every Tuesday - Noon Eastern===
===Every Tuesday - Noon Eastern===

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Meeting Agendas & Minutes (Click Here)


Every Tuesday - Noon Eastern

Telephone conference Information - HL7 Conference Service

Phone Number: 973-582-2813
Participant Passcode: 124466

Online Meeting service - GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting ID: 791-835-615


No meeting March 13, 2007,owing to conflict with HL7 Harmonization Meeting starting at same hour and involving several members of T3F.

Planned events for May 2007 WGM

  • Expect Sunday night joint session with Transition Oversight Team
  • T3F Face-to-face 7-8 AM Tuesday
  • T3F Face-to-face 7AM -8AM Thursday
  • To-be-scheduled - an Open Mike session for comments by HL7 Volunteers
  • Open Session after TSC (maybe this is the "open mike" session)
  • Expect update presentations by T3F at TSC and/or General Sessions