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==Relationships (Woody - based on minutes)==
==Relationships (Woody - based on minutes)==
==Decision Making Practices (Case)==
==Decision Making Practices (Case)==
==Tactical Plan to Establish (Craig) ==
==Tactical Plan to Establish Technical Directorate (Craig) ==
==Project Plan for Architecture (Blobel) ==
==Project Plan for Architecture (Blobel) ==

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Report to HL7 Board from Transitional Technical Task Force


The following documents the recommendations of the Technical Transition Task Force (T3F) with regards to completing the definition of the Technical Directorate and proceeding to establish same. It reflects:

  • efforts of T3F since January 2007
  • Source documents from
    • Strategic Initiative
    • ORC
    • Life-cycle project team
    • PIC
  • Considerations of the core mission of HL7 as included in the SI documents


Mission Statement (Woody)

Success Criteria (Charlie)

Responsibilities (Virginia)

Composition (Woody - based on minutes)

Relationships (Woody - based on minutes)

Decision Making Practices (Case)

Tactical Plan to Establish Technical Directorate (Craig)

Project Plan for Architecture (Blobel)