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  1. Refine the steps from minutes of 20070104 into action items
    1. Assemble a one page document listing the six core features of the HL7 Architecture
      Was:[Starting with the Current "HDF", and the SI Documents identify the SIX (not more) features/objectives of the HL7 "Architecture" (e.g. "reuse common models"]
    2. Work through the SI documents to identify issues and strategies that prevent achieving these objectives, and/or facilitate achieving them
    3. Outline a standards development process that can realize deliverables that meet these objectives. (Definition of what is a "Projects" belongs here too.)
    4. Identify principles under which Committees are formed and differentiated, how they relate to the T3F/TD structure, including resolution process for inter-committee conflicts.
    5. Create a white paper for review by Board and TSC about this
  2. Classify and propose actions on items in document trove
  3. Assemble agenda topic list