T3F Action item list

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  1. Refine the steps from minutes of 20070104 into action items
    • Propose the following action items as a completion of this action item. In analyzing this, I expanded the items and listed the [Original items with Step: prefix below}
  2. Assemble a one page document listing the six core features of the HL7 Architecture
    Step:[Starting with the Current "HDF", and the SI Documents identify the SIX (not more) features/objectives of the HL7 "Architecture" (e.g. "reuse common models"]
  3. Classify and propose actions on items in document trove
    Step:[Work through the SI documents to identify issues and strategies that prevent achieving these objectives, and/or facilitate achieving them]
    1. Determine the documents to be reviewed
    2. Assign (or accept) responsibility for each
    3. Define a format for listing issues discovered
    4. Do the reviews
    5. Assemble responses to the collection
  4. Map the results of (1) and (2) to the elements of the Project Life Cycle process that address or affect each
    Step:[Outline a standards development process that can realize deliverables that meet these objectives. (Definition of what is a "Projects" belongs here too.)]
  5. Step:[Identify principles under which Committees are formed and differentiated, how they relate to the T3F/TD structure, including resolution process for inter-committee conflicts.]
  6. Create a white paper for review by Board and TSC about this
    Step:[Create a white paper for review by Board and TSC about this]
  7. Assemble agenda topic list