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SSD Steering Group

Minutes of Aug 4, 2008

Calvin BeebeMayo Cliniccbeebe@mayo.eduSD
Gregg SeppalaVHAGregg.seppala@va.govPA
Matt SailorsThe Methodist HospitalMSailors@tmhs.orgCDS, Arden
Dave SaggsU.S. Department of Veterans Affairsdavid.staggs@va.govCCOW
John RitterIntel Corporation, Digital Health Groupjohn.ritter@intel.comEHR

Common Product Project Proposal :

Orders and Observations - Work Group has submitted the following Common Product Project Proposal for review by the Structure & Semantic Design Steering Division.

Request that the name be more specific than Common Product, and explode the ICSR and other acronyms.

Motion: Accept Common Product, request they expand all acronyms and provide a more explicit name for the work item, e.g. Common Clinical Products, Common Medical Products, etc.

Made by: EHR (John) Seconded by: PA (Gregg)

Abstain: 0 Approve: 6 Against: 0 Motion Passed

Formation of Clinical Statement WG:

Request to have the Clinical Statement project turn into a formal Workgroup, given that this has proven to be a sustained effort.

Could the group clarify where the vote took place? The SD requests identification of the members that are willing to assist in the group.

After some discussion, it was requested that Han’s participate in a future call to present the request.

Request to extend DSTU for Clinical Statement :

Request to extend DSTU for Clinical Statement by an additional 12 months. DSTU – Dec 2007 – 12 months Vs 24 months.

Motion: Approve the extension of the DSTU from 12 to 24 months.

Made by: PA (Gregg) Seconded by: EHR (John)

Abstain: 0 Approve: 6 Against: 0 Motion Passed