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SSD Steering Group

Minutes of June 2, 2008

Calvin BeebeMayo Cliniccbeebe@mayo.eduSD
Gregg SeppalaVHAGregg.seppala@va.govPA
Matt SailorsThe Methodist HospitalMSailors@tmhs.orgCDS, Arden
Corey SpearsPractice Partnercspears@practicepartner.comEHR
Patrick LoydGordon Point Informatics Ltd.patrick.loyd@gpinformatics.comOO
Mary Kay McDanielMarkam, Inc.mk_mcdaniel@hotmail.comFM
Keith BooneGE Healthcare Integrated IT Solutionskeith.boone@ge.comSD
James R.CampbellUniversity of Nebraska Medical

SSD-SD co-chair e-mail votes received in advance: McDaniel, Mary Kay votes affirmative on all 5 (FM) Matt, Sailors votes affirmative on all 5 (CDS, Arden)

Record Management & Evidentiary Support Functional Profile :

Record Management & Evidentiary Support Electronic Health Record System Functional Profile (RM-ES EHR-S Functional Profile).

The profile is unique because it does not stand on its own.

Motion: Accept contingent on approval by the EHR WG.

Made by: EHR (Corey) Seconded by: PA (Gregg)

Abstain: 0 Approve: 7 Against: 0 Motion Passed

Long Term Care Profile :

The LTC EHR-S Functional Profile will serve as a key resource to CCHIT in the development of certification requirements for EHR systems in the Long Term Care – nursing home community. CCHIT has road-mapped LTC certification committee work to begin in late 2008. In addition, this functional profile will provide the foundation for vendor/provider communication regarding expectations and requirements for EHR systems deployed in this care setting.

Logically should an implementation profile be normative or informative, does a profile require 2 implementers. Check with Dave Hamill about this. Is an EHR Functional Profile a normative?

EHR will revise and identify 2 implementers on the form.

Motion: Accept contigent upon approval by EHR WG.

Made by: EHR (Corey) Seconded by: CDS (Matt)

Abstain: 0 Approve: 7 Against: 0 Motion Passed

Order Sets Publication Standard :

In this project, Clinical decision Support Workgroup will develop a standard and associated implementation guidelines for the publishing and sharing of structured order sets between collaborating institutions and clinical system vendors. This will be a V3 standard developed as a specialized instance of Structured Documents.

The goal of the project is to enable sharing of interoperable order set content between knowledge developers, vendors of CPOE systems and healthcare institutions which will employ these knowledge structures in the implementation of computerized order entry and guideline decision support. Knowledge developers such as Thomson Reuters will be able to publish their order sets, communicate them to healthcare institutions such as the University of Nebraska and UNMC in turn can deploy those order sets in their clinical information system. In advanced applications, the order set may be integrated directly into a decision support system which will customize the order set for patient care at the time that it is employed by the clinician during an order session.

Motion: to approve.

Made by: CDS (Matt) Seconded by: SD (Keith)

Abstain: 0 Approve: 7 Against: 0 Motion Passed

Implementation Guide for Healthcare Associated Infection Rpts :

With cooperation from CDC and Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) software vendors, this project will develop an implementation guide constraining CDA Release 2. The implementation guide will support electronic submission of HAI data to the National Healthcare Safety Network.

Motion: to approve.

Made by: EHR (Pat) Seconded by: CDS (Matt)

Abstain: 0 Approve: 7 Against: 0 Motion Passed

HL7 Canada project proposal for Special Authorization :

This project will create a new topic area within the FM domain to deal with Special Authorization. Special Authorization is the process by which insured patients are covered for products and services that are not part of their regular plan. The initial scope of the topic area will include interactions for requesting special authorizations, notification of special authorization dispositions and querying of special authorizations at both a summary and detail level.

Motion: Accept the behavioural health profile submitted with the changes suggested by Hans for clarification.

Made by: EHR (Pat) Seconded by: PA (Gregg)

Abstain: 0 Approve: 7 Against: 0 Motion Passed