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SSD Steering Group

Minutes of April 7, 2008

Calvin BeebeMayo Cliniccbeebe@mayo.eduSD
Gregg SeppalaVHAGregg.seppala@va.govPA
Pat Van DykeDelta Dental Plans Associationvandykp@odscompanies.comEHR
Matt SailorsThe Methodist HospitalMSailors@tmhs.orgCDS, Arden
Keith BooneGE Healthcare Integrated IT Solutionskeith.boone@ge.comSD
Susan LeppingSiemens Medical Solutions Health Servicessusan.lepping@siemens.comFM

Behavioral Health Functional Profile:

Pat reviewed the project proposal with the committee. It is sponsored largely by the Centers for Mental Health Services and Substance Abuse Treatment of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, an operating agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, volunteers from more than one hundred organizations volunteered to develop a Behavioural Health Functional Profile conforming to the EHR-S Functional Model. Participants included providers, provider organizations, provider professional societies, insurers, state and county BH agencies, and software vendors with a particular interest in behavioural Health. The intent was to support the entire behavioral health model, support anyone wanting to model this content.

Pat noted that Hans suggested some changes via an email and that she found Hans suggestions helpful and would be making modifications along the lines suggested by Hans.

Motion: Accept the behavioural health profile submitted with the changes suggested by Hans for clarification.

Made by: EHR (Pat) Seconded by: CDS (Matt)

Abstain: 0 Approve: 6 Against: 0 Motion Passed

Pat indicated that she would be sending Calvin a revised version of the Project Scope statement via e-mail early next week.