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SSD Steering Group

Minutes of Feb 15, 2008

R. Matthew SailorsThe Methodist Hospitalmsailors@tmhs.orgCDS, Arden
Lenel JamesBlue Cross Blue Shield Associationlenel.james@bcbsa.comEHR
Seppala, GreggVAGregg.Seppala@va.govPA
Kathleen ConnorFox Systems Inc.kathleen.connor@foxsys.comFM
Don MonAHIM Assoc.don.mon@ahima.orgEHR
Hans BuitendijkSiemens Healthcarehans.buitendijk@siemens.comOO
Durwin DayHealth Care Service
Calvin BeebeMayo Cliniccbeebe@mayo.eduSD

Agenda                                 Item Description

    Item 1: Plan-to-Plan Personal Health Record (PHR) Data Transfer Project

Discussion on the Plan-to-Plan Personal Health Record (PHR) Data Transfer Project

A request to review the updated Plan-to-Plan Personal Health Record (PHR) Data Transfer Project has been made. As the result of the review undertaken on Feb. 4th, 2008 at the SSD-SD, the P-to-P PHR Data Transfer Project Proposal was revised.

The committee reviewed a number of issues related to the proposal. Hans asked about the personal and health plan data that would be collected and shared. Kathleen expressed concerns about the relationship between the X-12 and CDA document content and the overlap that could exist between these two standards when used together. Lenel indicated that the goal of the project was to determine the appropriate location for the information to be transferred and it would be difficult to answer all questions at this level of detail.

It was noted that X274 is the guide number for the X275 message that would serve as a wrapper and the CCD (CDA) will be placed inside that wrapper as the payload.

Hans noted that the CCD could be the payload, or a Series of OBR / OBX could have been the payload. He was interested in having a future discussion on the relationship between messages and documents for use cases like this.

It was noted that there is already a precedent for sending HL7 CDA documents in X-12 messages. It was also noted that none of the clinical data will be moved into the 275 message. Lastly it was noted that the 275 message has slots for basic subscriber information. Again the CCD will contain the clinical information.

Action Item: Lenel, Durwin, Kathleen and Hans will work off-line on the rewording of the project proposal and resubmit it for an e-mail vote.