SSDEMAIL2008 03 13

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SSD Steering Group

Minutes of March 13, 2008

Calvin BeebeMayo
John RitterIntel Corporation, Digital Health
Pat Van DykeDelta Dental Plans
Matt SailorsThe Methodist


Establishment of Meeting / Conference Call Schedule

SSD Co-chairs,

Please review the updated Project Proposal for the PHR-to-PHR Project Proposal and indicate your vote on the following Project Proposal. As requested at the Structure and Semantic Design Steering Division on Feb. 15, 2008, a number of revisions were made and are indicated in Red in the following word document and we would now like to conduct a vote via e-mail on this proposal.

Motion to approve the revised PHR-to-PHR Project Proposal. Abstain: 0 Approve: 8 Against: 0 Motion Passed

Comment recieved from John Ritter:

I would also like to offer a proposed clarification to section "3. Project Scope": "... and the international affiliates." SHOULD BE "... and non-U.S. stakeholders." [Rationale: The HL7 International Affiliates are only a subset of all HL7 stakeholders worldwide.]

John Ritter; EHR TC co-chair