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Vote to approve the CIC Work Groups Tuberculosis Domain Analysis Model, Release 2 project scope statement. Please enter your name and Work Group along with your vote. Only one vote per Work Group please. Any comments added through the poll should also be distributed to the DESD list server.

Summary: Number of participants: 13 Most popular option: Affirmative Votes in favor: 11 Comments: 7

  • Crystal Kallem, CIC - Affirmative
  • William Goossen PC - Negative
  • Ed Tripp, RCRIM - Affirmative
  • Jim Case DESD - Affirmative
  • Joy Kuhl, Child Health - Affirmative
  • Max Walker CBCC _ Negative
  • Helmut Koenig, II - Affirmative
  • Ed Tripp (RCRIM) - Affirmative
  • Austin Kreisler (Lab) - Affirmative
  • Lise Stevens (Patient Safety) - Affirmative
  • Robert Root (ASIG) - Affirmative
  • Martin Hurrell (WG GAS) - Affirmative
  • Rita Altamore (PHER) - Affirmative


  • Comment by William Goossen. (Saturday, September 27, 2008 4:46:16 AM EDT) The scope statement suggests that v3 messages be developed. That is fine. PC has offered help with this last year and this is not reflected in the collaboration. We are concerned that this can lead to duplication of work. Further, it is not made clear how this work would contribute to the agreed approach of making detailed clinical models from data specifications of domains, which has been discussed with CIC and to my understanding agreed by CIC. Aggregation from an individual P record is work item of PC.
  • Comment by Jim Case. (Monday, September 29, 2008 7:25:06 PM EDT) As I read the PSS it does not actually include development of messages but the DAM from which messages would be developed. At the point at whcih these messages are developed I would completely agree that PC would need to be involved.
  • Comment by Max Walker. (Tuesday, September 30, 2008 6:03:52 PM EDT) I am concerned about : 1. Clarity - what is actually going to be delivered 2. Overlap - is there any work in this field being done in other work groups or is there complimentary work that can be leveraged and 3. What other groups/individuals/experts will be engaged in this process to produce an outcome that will not be re-worked 2 years later
  • Comment by Austin Kreisler (Lab). (Thursday, October 9, 2008 3:17:12 PM EDT) A DAM is not a new product, it's a V3 product. Please check one of the V3 products instead of new product on the form.
  • Comment by Crystal Kallem. (Tuesday, October 14, 2008 12:20:13 PM EDT)Response to William: Jim is correct. This project aims to develop a DAM, which could subsequently be used to develop HL7 artifacts (including messages). William - the CIC has welcomed the opportunity to continue efforts to more clearly describing the interaction of CIC work products with detailed clinical models in general; however, this may take some time. Is there a specific statement that you feel should be added to the project scope to address your concerns right now?
  • Comment by Crystal Kallem. (Tuesday, October 14, 2008 12:25:47 PM EDT) Response to Max: The TB DAM will expand the model to included additional data elements/classes not in the current version & make revisions to data elements as needed. They have approached the project in phases to meet timelines for producing a product. The TB DAM project was referred to the CIC by PHER. If there are other groups doing the same work, please let us know so we can coordinate our efforts. The project has a large group of industry, gov't & TB specific researchers actively participating.
  • Comment by Crystal Kallem. (Tuesday, October 14, 2008 12:26:16 PM EDT) Response to Austin: Thanks for helping me identify the appropriate project type option to select for these projects. We will update the project scope statement as appropriate, when the appropriate option has been verified.