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Please vote on the project scope statement from RCRIM for the BRIDG Domain Analysis Model, Release 1 project. Please enter your name and Work Group along with your vote. Only one vote per Work Group please. Any comments added through the poll should also be distributed to the DESD list server.

Link to document:

  • Summary - Passed (7/0/2/3)
    • Number of participants: 9
    • Most popular option: Affirmative
    • Votes in favor: 7
    • Comments: 1
  • History: DESD: Project Scope-RCRIM BRIDG DAM
    • 8/18/09 10:34:15 PM CEST · Austin Kreisler · Poll added by "Austin Kreisler"
    • 8/19/09 4:05:46 PM CEST · Ed Tripp (RCRIM) · Participant "Ed Tripp (RCRIM)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 8/20/09 10:09:36 PM CEST · Melvin Reynolds (DEV) · Participant "Melvin Reynolds (DEV)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 8/20/09 10:13:17 PM CEST · Melvin Reynolds (DEV) · Comment by "Melvin Reynolds (DEV)" added
    • 8/21/09 12:00:55 PM CEST · Helmut Koenig (II) · Participant "Helmut Koenig (II)" added OK: Abstain
    • 8/21/09 5:17:15 PM CEST · Austin Kreisler (DESD) · Participant "Austin Kreisler (DESD)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 8/21/09 5:19:16 PM CEST · Austin Kreisler (DESD) · Comment by "Austin Kreisler (DESD)" added
    • 8/22/09 6:51:08 AM CEST · Rita Altamore (PHER) · Participant "Rita Altamore (PHER)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 8/22/09 6:52:15 AM CEST · Rita Altamore (PHER) · Comment by "Rita Altamore (PHER)" added
    • 8/31/09 2:17:20 PM CEST · Joy Kuhl (Child Health) · Participant "Joy Kuhl (Child Health)" added OK: Abstain
    • 9/8/09 10:49:17 PM CEST · Lise Stevens (Pt Safety) · Participant "Lise Stevens (Pt Safety)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 9/9/09 11:24:50 AM CEST · William Goossen (PC) · Participant "William Goossen (PC)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 9/22/09 7:19:09 AM CEST · Suzanne Gonzales-Webb (CBCC) · Participant "Suzanne Gonzales-Webb (CBCC)" added OK: Affirmative
  • Comments
    • Rita Altamore (PHER) August 22, 2009 12:52:15 AM EDT PHER supports Austin Kreisler's suggestion regarding scope clarification.
    • Austin Kreisler (DESD) August 21, 2009 11:19:16 AM EDT Although I'm in favor of this project I'd like to see some clarification regarding the scope of the project. One thing that confuses me is the table included in section 7e that shows a bunch of different artifacts that are planned to be balloted. Are all these things in scope for the project? The items in this table include things that are not DAMs, rather they are entire message/document models, with all the necessary supporting documentation.
    • Melvin Reynolds (DEV) August 20, 2009 4:13:17 PM EDT Approved on the basis of need for consistency with the ISO approved project of the same scope. Not, regrettably, on the basis of deep knowledge and competence with respect to the content.