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: Helen Stevens Love
: Helen Stevens Love
: Canda Health InfoWay
: Canada Health InfoWay
: Phone: 250.598.0312
: Phone: 250.598.0312
: email: hstevens@infoway-inforoute.ca
: email: hstevens@infoway-inforoute.ca

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Helen Stevens Love
Canada Health InfoWay
Phone: 250.598.0312
email: hstevens@infoway-inforoute.ca
Ken McCaslin
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
Phone: 610.650.6692
email: Kenneth.H.McCaslin@QuestDiagnostics.com

The following Work Groups make up the steering division:

Electronics Services
HL7 Project Managment Office (PMO) - Voice only; no vote
Process Improvement Work Group (PIC) - Voice only; no vote
Project Services

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Representatives to Other Organizations

ArB Representive

Abdul-Malik Shakir
Phone: 909-596-6790
Fax: 208-693-8086
Email: abdulmalik@shakirconsulting.com

Editoral Advisory Board

Dick Harding
Phone: 61-7-3366-2435
Email: dickh@bigpond.net.au
Virginia Lorenzi
Phone: 212-297-3078
Email: vlorenzi@nyp.org

Meeting Information