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T3F - Transitional Technical Task Force

"Open Microphone Meeting" is scheduled for 1.0 hour

Monday April 30, 2007 ~8:30 PM (Central European Summer Time, UTC/GMT +2)

(Immediately following TSC Meeting)

Working Group Meeting in Cologne, Saal 2 Heumarkt (TSC Meeting room)


Beeler, Blobel, Buitendijk, Case, McCay, Lorenzi, Parker

Preliminary Agenda

  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) If presentation is not made at the TSC, repeat the 5-minute overview of T3F activities from the General Session
  3. (05 min) Opening comments, if any from T3F members or other T3F participants (Quinn, Hammond, Walker, McCaslin, Jaffe)
  4. (35 min) Open Microphone question/answer session
  5. (10 min) Attempt at "summary comments" by Chair and other T3F Members

Agenda item list (our sand box for future meetings)

Click for T3F Action Item List