Mission and Charter Update

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Please vote on the updated Mission and Charter statement from the Patient Care work group. Enter your name and Work Group along with your vote. Only one vote per Work Group please. Any comments added through the poll should also be distributed to the DESD list server.

Link to document: http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/project/desd/scmsvn/?action=browse&path=%2F%2Acheckout%2A%2Ftrunk%2FDocuments%2FMissionAndCharters%2FMission%2526ScopestatementPatientCare.doc&revision=8363

Summary - Passed (8/0/1/4)

  • History: DESD: Mission & Charter Update from Attachments
    • 10/1/09 5:31:51 PM CEST · Austin Kreisler · Poll added by "Austin Kreisler"
    • 10/1/09 6:04:44 PM CEST · Joy Kuhl (Child Health) · Participant "Joy Kuhl (Child Health)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 10/1/09 6:56:56 PM CEST · Melvin Reynolds (DEV) · Participant "Melvin Reynolds (DEV)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 10/1/09 7:00:03 PM CEST · Melvin Reynolds (DEV) · Comment by "Melvin Reynolds (DEV)" added
    • 10/1/09 7:54:09 PM CEST · Edward Tripp · Comment by "Edward Tripp" added
    • 10/2/09 9:40:18 PM CEST · Helmut Koenig (II) · Participant "Helmut Koenig (II)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 10/4/09 4:14:30 PM CEST · Rita Altamore (PHER) · Participant "Rita Altamore (PHER)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 10/6/09 6:02:09 PM CEST · Ed Tripp (RCRIM) · Participant "Ed Tripp (RCRIM)" added OK: Negative
    • 10/12/09 4:58:36 PM CEST · Crystal Kallem · Comment by "Crystal Kallem" added
    • 10/12/09 4:58:57 PM CEST · Crystal Kallem (CIC) · Participant "Crystal Kallem (CIC)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 11/6/09 8:44:56 PM CET · Ed Tripp (RCRIM) · Participant "Ed Tripp (RCRIM)" changed OK: Affirmative
    • 11/6/09 8:46:16 PM CET · Edward Tripp · Comment by "Edward Tripp" added
    • 11/10/09 8:07:48 PM CET · Lise Stevens (Patient Safety) · Participant "Lise Stevens (Patient Safety)" added OK: Affirmative
    • 11/11/09 11:19:31 AM CET · Alan Nicol (Anesthesiology) · Participant "Alan Nicol (Anesthesiology)" added OK: Abstain
    • 11/16/09 4:26:01 PM CET · Austin Kreisler (DESD) · Participant "Austin Kreisler (DESD)" added OK: Affirmative
  • Comments
    • Edward Tripp November 6, 2009 2:46:16 PM EST On 11/6/2009, I withdraw my negative and change it to approve based on feedback from HL7 on the status of agreements with WEDI and Loinc
    • Crystal Kallem October 12, 2009 10:58:36 AM EDT Voting affirmative pending incorporation of Ed's suggested amendment below
    • Edward Tripp October 1, 2009 1:54:09 PM EDT The WEDI associate charter agreement expired in January 2009. There is no formal agreement with Loinc at this time. I recommend moving the statement "The work group also collaborates with Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) and the Regenstrief Institute in conjunction with the LOINC® (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes) Committee. " to the top of the document rather than having it listed in formal agreements.
    • Melvin Reynolds (DEV) October 1, 2009 1:00:03 PM EDT To judge by the collaborations mentioned this WG is primarily US-focussed, if this is an exclusive focus it may be useful to mention that? On the other hand, if the scope is in reality (as opposed to aspiration!) wider, then a statement about that would be useful too.