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***Review out-of-cycle ballot criteria [http://hl7projects.hl7.nscee.edu/tracker/download.php/52/313/350/451/Out%20of%20cycle%20ballot%20guidelines.doc]
***Review out-of-cycle ballot criteria [http://hl7projects.hl7.nscee.edu/tracker/download.php/52/313/350/451/Out%20of%20cycle%20ballot%20guidelines.doc]
** election processes
** election processes
***TSC election process
***TSC election process ([http://www.hl7.org/library/committees/tsc/docs/2007-TSC-ElectionNotice.doc Draft notice from last year] and one [[Suggestion For Committee TSC Election Process]])
** others?
** others?
*60 mins ARB items
*60 mins ARB items

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TSC - Technical Steering Committee

THis is a summary of the TSC topics for discussion at the May WGM, and will be used to plan the detailed session agendas.

  1. Discussion topics
  • 30 mins Review open issues list
  • 30 mins Review project list
  • 30 mins Discuss managing projects going forward – We need to draft a beneficial process for determine when a project is at risk and communicating that to the committee. There is also a balance between the TSC’s role in managing the work and project services committee’s role. McCaslin feels that project services will simply ensure that the committees have the necessary tools to be successful. Oversight would fall to the TSC.
  • 15 mins Work Group Deliverables coming out of Working Group Meeting
  • 15 mins Formal transformation of TCs and SIGs to working groups – The membership needs to understand what is happening, why and when and the transformation should be reflected on web pages and in other communications, etc.
  • 15 mins Review workgroup management guidelines - (see TSC Issue 153/ task 142) [1]
  • 30 mins GOM related issues.
  • 60 mins ARB items
    • Dynamic model requirements
    • HL7 business model RFP requirements
    • Critical committee scope / reorg
    • Ballot QA report review
  • 15 mins TSC working practices
    • Would a different conference call time be better?
    • What can we do to improve the telcons
  • 15 mins Review TSC mission and charter -- how are we doing agianst it?
  • 15 mins Review TSC communication plan -- how are we doing against it?
  • 90 mins TSC Annual Objectives and Resource Plan (Financial Decision Making Model)

Monday morning presentation:

  • communication and transparency
  • project list
  • balloting
  • newsletter
  • roadmap

Monday evening session:

  • Update from HQ (5 minutes)- Karen/Lillian
  • Project services committee progress (10 minutes)- Freida Hall
  • GOM rules on balloting - presentation and discussion - Charlie McCay
  • Tooling update - John Quinn
  • V3 Update (25 minutes)
    • Normative Edition
    • Significant Vocabulary Content and Representation changes since January
    • Issues underlying OID registry and its impact on Vocabualry and other specifications
    • Ballot Quality Review
  • Q and A