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This is the Main Page of the HL7 TSC Wiki, supporting Health Level Seven International, Inc. (HL7). The HL7 TSC Wiki is used to support the HL7 Technical Steering Committee. The contents of this Wiki are non binding; see the HL7 website for persistent documents (minutes, standards, etc.). The HL7 TSC Wiki currently has 1,787 pages with substantive content. See articles from the main HL7 Wiki on Basic Editing and Help Resources for information about editing the Wiki. To access information, either use the search option or jump to the section of interest in the table of contents links as shown below.

TSC Information

Working Group Projects

Working Group Project information

TSC Projects

  • Approved Projects:
    1. Enterprise Architecture Implementation Project
    2. Product Visibility Project at TSC Tracker [1] Project Scope Statement
      • HL7 Wiki Product List
      • Objectives:
        • Identify the HL7 Products
        • Create HL7 Products List
        • Create HL7 “Product Brief” Template
        • Publish HL7 Products List
        • Identify governance for HL7 Products List maintenance (initial approval and ongoing maintenance)
        • Evaluate user perception of HL7 Product Visibility

ISO Ballot Projects

TSC Documents

TSC Process Documents

Sufficient justification should be provided to describe effort in progress to move the standard towards a normative ballot, such as evidence of current trial activity, if they have a credible expectation that a normative document will be produced within a requested timeframe, given that trials are currently underway. The request must include the length of time required to extend the DSTU, including conclusion of the pilot and subsequent balloting activity...If you send the completed form to me (LynnL) I can put it on the TSC agenda.

TSC Templates

TSC Defining Documents

HL7 Product Information

  • List of ANSI approved standards is available at [2]
  • List of current DSTUs is available at [3]

Technical Newsletters

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