Lab WG Mission & Charter Update

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Vote to approve the Lab Work Groups updated Mission & Charter. Please enter your name and Work Group along with your vote. Only one vote per Work Group please.

Summary: Number of participants: 9 Most popular option: Affirmative Votes in favor: 9 Comments: 1

  • Larry McKnight - Affirmative
  • Rita Altamore (PHER) - Affirmative
  • Brian McCourt (Cardiology) - Affirmative
  • Robert Root(ASIG) - Affirmative
  • meredith nahm (CIC) - Affirmative
  • richard thoreson (cbcc) - Affirmative
  • Melvin Reynolds (for DEV) - Affirmative
  • Rob Hausam (LAB) - Affirmative
  • Helmut Koenig (II) - Affirmative


  • Comment by Melvin Reynolds (for DEV). (Monday, July 14, 2008 10:21:14 AM EDT) Don't like the realms bit - would be better if it said "... actively interested HL7 groups in all realms." We propose a friendly amendment.