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T3F - Transitional Technical Task Force

Monday May 3, 2007 7:00 AM (Central European Summer Time, UTC/GMT +2)


Beeler, Blobel, Buitendijk, Case, McCay, Parker

Discuss outcome of Board Meetings

We spent the morning reviewing the events at the Tuesday night, May 1 Board Meeting, and the follow-up special Board Meeting, mid-day, Wednesday, May 2.

The outcome included a list of concerns that need to be discussed within the Board (and perhaps addressed by T3F before a decision meeting is held mid-May and/or June 4. An incomplete list of these includes:

  • Appropriateness of the Steering Divisions proposed
  • Adequacy of "trial period" for T3F operations
  • Desirability of forming TD absent a CTO
  • Relationship of TD to TCO and other bodies
  • TD as a consensus body

Second Board Meeting of two requested that Governance & Structure TF and T3F seek consensus on their view of an effective TD structure, governance, etc. The T3F asked the Chair to invite the Governance and Structure TF members to join the standing T3F Conference Call on Tuesday, May 8. Absent that, the T3F will remain poised to respond to the Board concerns and/or direct communications.

Agenda item list (our sand box for future meetings)

Click for T3F Action Item List