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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - WGM Meeting Madrid (Madrid 9 2017)


Facilitator Note taker Quorum = 5 WGs
Paul Knapp Paul Knapp Yes
Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS) Conformance & Guidance for Implementation/Testing Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)
X Knapp, Paul X Bunker, Nathan X Julian, Tony
R Nelson, Dale X Oemig, Frank X Shaver, Dave
R Stechishin, Andy X Singureanu, Ioana R Stuart, Sandy
X Snelick, Robert .
Modeling & Methodology (MnM) Application Integration and Design (AID) Security
X McKenzie, Lloyd . Hendler MD, Peter X Blobel PhD, Bernd
X Duteau, Jean R Stechishin, Andy X Connor, Kathleen
. Grieve, Grahame X Spronk, Rene X Moehrke, John
X Shakir, AbdulMalik . Williams, Patricia
X Shapiro, Ron X Mense, Alexander
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Templates Vocabulary
. Jorgenson, Don X Heitmann, Kai X Case, James
. Lotti,Stefano . Roberts , John . Grain, Heather
. Rubin, Ken X Shafarman, Mark X Hamm, Russell
X McCauley, Vince X Hausam, Rob
X Klein, William Ted
X Esme, Richard X McKenzie, Lloyd .
X Mulrooney, Galen . .
. . .
. .
. Hamill, Dave
. . = Absent, X = Present, r = Regrets


  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) Work Group Health
  3. (05 min) FTSD/TSC Election
  4. (10 min) AID Continuation?
  5. (50 min) Work Group Simplification
  6. (05 min) Other Business

Agenda items

Action Item List


  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve Minutes since last Face-to-Face & Accept Agenda
    1. Motion to accept Agenda(Tony/Heather) (24-0-0)
    2. Motion to approve minutes of all meetings since last face-to-face(Tony/Trish) (24-0-0)
  3. Room Scheduling method - how is it working?
    1. Working well as long as all involved to their job.
    2. Response to the Workgroup Scheduling Report is positive.
  4. Soliciting mentors for first time attendees
    1. There is a request to solicit mentors for first time attendees
  1. Work Group Health / PBS Metrics
    1. Most of the workgroups are healthy.
    2. Workgroups need to review their metrics.
  2. Administrative Documents: SWOT, DMP
    1. Will review on the next Telcon
  3. Other Business
  4. Adjournment
    1. Meeting was adjourned at 8:18pm.

A julian (talk) 21:19, 19 January 2015 (EST)

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