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FTSD - Foundation & Technology Steering Division - Conference Call April 6, 2010


  • Represented - ITS, InM, MnM, SOA, Vocabulary)
  • Not Represented - Implementation, RIMBAA, Security, Templates


Beeler, Knight, McKenzie, Rubin, Stuart, Walker, Wrightson, Laakso

Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda

Agenda approval, Stuart/Hamm Unanimous Minutes of 3/23/10 Knight/Walker Unanimous

Review project Scope statement from Vocabulary Work Group

Discussed a project scope statement presented by Russ Hamm the from Vocabulary Work Group to develop an HL7 Policy on Submitting Content Change Requests for SNOMED-CT to IHTSDO]. Generally found the project reasonable and appropriate. Suggested that the scope state the intent to "draft" a policy for Board adoption, and to apprise the Organization Relations Committee (ORC) of the Board of the activity.

A revised document was added to Gforge after the meeting.

With those intended changes, it was moved to forward the project to the TSC for adoption. Hamm/Stuart Unanimous

Vocabulary Work Group Mission and Charter

Bev Knight presented a revised Mission and Charter statement for the Vocabulary Work Group. The review found no concerns with the "new" content of the statement, but did ask that the original wording be altered to reflect the importance to all elements of V3 standards, not just messaging. Vocabulary agrees to do that.

With those intended changes, it was moved to forward the Mission and Charter to the TSC for adoption. Knight/Knapp Unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 12:30pm, Eastern time.

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