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FTSD - Foundation & Technology Steering Division

FTSD - Foundation & Technology Steering Division - Conference Call March 0, 2010



Mead Walker, Tony Julian, Galen Mulroney, Paul Knapp, Russ Hamm, Lynn Lysenko, Mike Davis, Ken Rubin, Sandy Stuart, Beverly Knight, Woody Beeler, JOhn Moehrke


Comments on the Micro ITS proposal. There were two items: Restful transport, and Hdata that the TSC thought needed to be explained. The TSC was also unclear on what products would be created. Their are really two goals: the micro ITS and the RESTFUL transport. We decide that the two focii of work should be cited. The group will do some re-wording. There was also some question that the box indicating a public document was checked. Paul was surprised also. The work group has a meeting this afternoon, and will try to rework the document.

Brief introduction to NIEM - US National Information Exchange Model - from Woody. There is a project afoot to use the NEIN process in healthcare data exchange. Galen has been involved in the VA reaction to this. Two concenrs - the XML schemas are hand crafted, so there is no guarantee of consistency across the NEIM schemas. Also, there are issues having such a flat data structure as to provide 200 elements in the Person "class". Generally, people on the call did not see the value of an ad hoc approach to defining the data to be included in structures designed to address particular use cases. Galen has suggested to VA that they suggest that current best practices in healthcare should be imported into NEIM. Woody suggests that the Steering Division offer to craft a response. Woody will let John Q know of people willing to contribute to a response.

Beverly will circulate a copy of the Updated Vocabulary WG mission and scope which was to be reviewed by the Steering Division in December.

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