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Foundation Steering Call: 2/2/10


  • Mead Walker
  • Frank Oemig
  • Woody Beeler
  • Paul Knapp
  • Ron Parker


  • Review minutes
  • Two scope proposals
  • Review schedule for calls
  • ARB informational report
  • An ITS report


Accept minutes from face to face meeting – moved, passed (no comments) Accept minutes from last week – moved, passed (no comments)

ARB Information Report

ARB is working on defining its review process for the next round of deliverables. The content will be on an accessible website in about two weeks. They have a requirement that review be targeted. The key deliverables will be: behavioral framework, overview, conformance, governance. Woody suggests that behavioral framework is of interest to all framework WGs and the key functional committees: OO and PA. The ARB is trying to identify a core group that has to respond, but is open to all who have an interest. We suggest a range of committees that are truly core here, but do want the process to be open to all.


Will have a scope statement for a RIM based ITS project – will be reviewed by the committee this afternoon. They plan to be in the May ballot, at some level. There are also potential implementers coming forward. Frank notes the importance of an ITS drawing element names from RIM classes and class codes.

Two scope proposals

Vocabulary Glossary project

Publishing does not see any other party managing the HL7 glossary. There is no process for accepting content. It is not clear to Woody why this is a vocabulary project, however a key party is a Vocab co-chair. He does suggest that Publishing be added as a co-sponsor, and that the project be forwarded to the division Publishing is in. Also, the project scope section seems too summary: What will be done in HL7? What are the deliverables within HL7?

Syntax for Vocabulary Binding

Suggest that M&M be added as a co-sponsor – this is fine with Frank. Mead notes that this is an area where continued work between Vocabulary and M&M is needed. We add a scope statement by moving text from the intent section. We add M&M as a co-sponsor. Approval by the steering division: Moved, seconded, passed.

Future Conference Calls

We agree to go onto the alternate cycle to support Ken Rubin. The next call will be on Feb 9 and every two weeks following. Woody will update the conference call service.

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