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#''(05 min)'' Roll Call
#''(05 min)'' Roll Call
#''(05 min)'' Approve [[FTSD-ConCall-20140214| Previous Minutes]] & Accept Agenda
#''(05 min)'' Approve [[FTSD-Concall-20140214| Previous Minutes]] & Accept Agenda
#''(5 min)'' '''Other Business'''
#''(5 min)'' '''Other Business'''
==Approve [[FTSD-ConCall-20140214| Previous Minutes]] & Accept Agenda==
==Approve [[FTSD-ConCall-20140214| Previous Minutes]] & Accept Agenda==

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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (date above)


Facilitator Note taker Quorum = 5 WGs
Woody or Paul Woody or Paul Yes/No
Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS) Conformance & Guidance for Implementation/Testing Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)
X Knapp, Paul X Huang, Wendy . Julian, Tony
. Nelson, Dale . Oemig, Frank . Shaver, Dave
X Stechishin, Andy . Singureanu, Ioana . Stuart, Sandy
. Snelick, Robert .
Modeling & Methodology (MnM) Application Integration and Design (AID) Security
X Beeler, Woody . Hendler MD, Peter . Blobel PhD, Bernd
. Duteau, Jean X Stechishin, Andy . Davis, Mike
. Grieve, Grahame . Spronk, Rene . Moehrke, John
. McKenzie, Lloyd Williams, Patricia
. Shakir, AbdulMalik
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Templates Vocabulary
. Jorgenson, Don . Heitmann, Kai . Case, James
. Lotti,Stefano X Roberts , John . Grain, Heather
. Rubin, Ken . Shafarman, Mark . Hamm, Russell
. McCauley, Vince X Hausam, Rob
. Klein, William Ted
X Laakso, Lynn
. . = Absent, X = Present, r = Regrets


  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) Approve Previous Minutes & Accept Agenda
  3. (5 min) Other Business

Approve Previous Minutes & Accept Agenda

Move/Second Stechishin/Knapp - Unanimous

Other Business

Paul Knapp would like review of a design pattern fro the UDI, and Wendy Huang needs a simple (one concept) code addition prior to the July Harmonization cycle. It was agreed that both would bring these requirements to up for discssion at the Harmonization Conference Call on Thursday, with a view to figuring a way to gain approval during the Phoenix WGM in may.

Adjourned after 20 Minutes =

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