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|colspan="2" align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)  
|colspan="2" align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)  
|colspan="2" align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|Implementation/Conformance (InC)
|colspan="2" align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|CGIT
|colspan="2" align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|Infrastructure and Messaging  (InM)
|colspan="2" align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|Infrastructure and Messaging  (InM)

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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (date above)

Meeting Information

Conference Call is scheduled for 0.5 hour,
Tuesday 12:00 PM to be repeated every other week
Please consult http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock for your local times
HL7 Conference Call Service
Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 (Passcode: 943627)
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https://www2.gotomeeting.com/join/385800034 (GoToMeeting ID: 385-800-034)

Steering Division Members:

  • Application Integration & Design (AID)
  • Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)
  • Conformance & Guidance for Implementation/Testing(CGIT)
  • Infrastructure & Messaging (InM)
  • Modeling & Methodology (MnM)
  • Security
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Templates
  • Vocabulary


Facilitator Note taker Quorum = 5
Woody Woody Yes
Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS) CGIT Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)
. Knapp, Paul X Huang, Wendy X Julian, Tony
. Nelson, Dale . Oemig, Frank . Loyd, Patrick
. Stechishin, Andy . Peters, Melva . Shaver, Dave
. Snelick, Robert X Stuart, Sandy
Modeling & Methodology (MnM) RIM-Based Application Architecture (RIMBAA) Security
X Beeler, Woody . Hendler MD, Peter . Blobel PhD, Bernd
. Duteau, Jean . Shabo PhD, Amnon . Moehrke, John
. Grieve, Grahame . Spronk, Rene
X McKenzie, Lloyd
. Natarajan , Ravi
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Templates Vocabulary
. Jorgenson, Don . Baird, Douglas . Case, James
. Mulrooney, Galen X Roberts , John . Grain, Heather
. Rubin, Ken . Shafarman, Mark X Hausam, Rob
. Wrightson, Ann . Klein, William Ted
. Knight, Beverly
. Laakso, Lynn X Glover, Hugh Buchelt, Gerald
. .=Absent, X=Present


  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) Approve Previous Minutes from San Antonio WGM & Accept Agenda
  3. (05 min) Revisit SOA/Pharmacy PSS (if still needed)
  4. (05 min) Endorse Updated MnM Mission and Charter
    Mission & charter adjusted to reflect current and planned projects
  5. (05 min) MnM Project Scope Statement for Core Principles Release 2
  6. (15 min) Discussion of FHIR Project and its Impact on Other FnTSD Work Groups (McKenzie)
  7. (10 min) WGM Summary as a Work Group Health Metric (Spronk)
    E-mail from Rene says:
    Given the role of the Steering Divisions (awareness, synchronization across alike WGs) it was suggested a couple of meetings ago that WGs write a 'summary of the week' after the WGM and use it to update the other WGs. The text has to be written in such a way that it will be understood by non-insiders, i.e. as if one was writing an articles in the printed HL7 newsletter.
    A few WGs have followed up on this suggestion, others have not. When I informally talked to Austin about this he suggested that I propose through the SD that this be one of the health metrics of the WG. I'm not sure whether that's the best method to promote this idea, but it may be worth it. In principle this idea would help to stay abreast even of the goings on in other SDs.
    Thread has responses from Huang and McKenzie
  8. (15 min) Item2
  9. (15 min) Item3
  10. (5 min) Other Business


  1. Roll call (see above)
  2. Agenda Approved by affirmation
  3. Minutes of the SanAntonio Meeting
    1. Motion to approve (Tony/Sandy)
    2. Vote(4-0-1)
  4. SOA/Pharmacy PSS
    1. Motion to approve SOA/Pharmacy PSS - (Gerald/Rob)
    2. Vote(5-0-0)
  5. MnM Mission and Charter
    1. Motion to approve (Tony/John)
    2. Vote(5-0-0)
  6. Core principles PSS:
    1. Motion to approve (Lloyd/Sandy)
    2. Vote(5-0-0)
  7. Mike Davis:
    1. FYI: Security is adding a fourth co-chair. They are balloting for a new co-chair this list, and will elect an interim co-chair.
    2. Will be balloting Security Ontology at DSTU. First round was informative, this one is DSTU.
  8. FHIR- Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.
    1. Part of strategic review called Fresh Look, determining the deficincies of V3, and where we are going.
    2. Lloyd commented on the progress with FHIR.
    3. This touches all groups. Every data element in FHIR serves as a terminology element.
    4. May be easier to leverage for services
    5. Has Conformance tools built in.
    6. InM may/may not be involved, except from REST perspective. Does not have wrappers.
    7. Templates: FHIR has profiles/templates on top of it. One template works everywhere.
    8. There will be 100 resource definitions or so. A lot of HL7 input will be helping various groups define profiles based on use-cases.
    9. How different from HDATA? HDATA is a packaging mechanism, FHIR presents stuff to package. HDATA may be a fourth paradigm (Messages, Documents, HDATA, Services)
    10. Gerald: HDATA is essentially a way of implementing RLUS service module with any (including RESTful api) api. It talks about separating the modeling from the transport. I will be meeting with Grahame tomorrow. You can use HDATA for 70% of your program.
    11. Woody: The core of FHIR is the relationship between resources.
    12. Gerald: It would be helpful to workout the modeling concept. FHIR would be helpful tying HDATA to the HL7 Mtehodologies.
    13. Woody: It uses an 80/20 principle to provide the 20% that covers 80% of the use cases. There is an extensibility link. Resources are all segments of V2, and R-MIM's of Version 3.
    14. Hugh: We have set up to look at creating those pharmacy resources for FHIR.
    15. Gerald: I am behind that. We must make sure we keep the pieces in sync. The stuff at the lower level of the protocol spec should be left alone.
    16. LLoyd:Q2 and Q4 on Sunday in Vancouver will be discussed. WG's can ask Lloyd or Grahame to show up at Telcons to discuss PHIR. Also, can be scheduled during the WGM in Vancouver.
    17. Gerald: Encourage Lloyd and Grahame to revist the HDATA model for re-use in PHIR.
  9. Proposal for workgroups to produce summaries of their progress.
    1. Retain on our agenda, or drop.
    2. Concensus to DROP
  1. Adjourned at 1:00pm U.S. Eastern
  2. AuthoredA julian 18:06, 14 February 2012 (UTC)
  3. Ammended A julian 12:03, 15 February 2012 (UTC) - correct votes to reflect Work Groups instead of individuals.

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