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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (date above)


Julian, Beeler, Mulrooney, Knapp, Knight, Laakso


  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) Approve Previous Minutes & Accept Agenda
  3. (15 min) PSS from MnM on "Information Model Metadata Documentation"
  4. (5 min) Other Business

Minutes approval

Moved/seconded/vote: Mulrooney/Knapp 5-0-0

PSS from MnM

Reviewed and approved PSS from M&M on "Information Model Metadata Documentation" Moved/seconded/vote: Knight/Knapp 5-0-0

Other Business

Lynn Laakso noted that in last month (or so) HL7 HQ has seen a surge in the number of Conference Call minutes in several work groups. HL7 gets by the minute for each line that is connected to a conference call. The increase in minutes has been traced to phones that did not hang up after the end of the conference calls, and from telephone numbers that cannot be traced to members.

There is a strong likelihood that these are members who called in over Skype, and then failed to hang up from Skype at the end of the call

All Work Groups are being asked to remind their members on conference calls to be certain they hang up their Skype calls. (From personal experience, if you simply take off your headset and put it aside, there is virtually no indication that the call is still active.!)

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