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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (date above)


Walker (Chair), Beeler(MnM), Mulrooney(SOA), Julian(InM), Stuart(InM), Knight(Vocabulary), Laakso

Approve Minutes from Nov 16 & Accept Agenda

Moved and approved. Beeler/Julian 3-0-1

Motion to Reconsider the Motion on WGM Meeting schedules adopted November 2, 2010

(The motion to be reconsidered was listed in November 2 minutes under the title "Change Scheduling of Face-to-Face SD Meeting at WGM".) The motion to reconsider was made and seconded on November 16 conference call, was subsequently Tabled at that meeting, and was brought back up for consideration here.

Rationale for reconsideration included a limited quorum on the November 2 call (only somewhat better here) and the e-mail threads that subsequently were circulated. After some discussion the motion to reconsider was approved by vote of 3-0-1 (SOA abstained).

Reconsideration of Motion from November 2

With this item once again on the table, the discussion included the following points:

  • Agreement that the Monday evening meetings have not been as effective as they should be, but also that the SD can improve the Monday meeting with well prepared and announced agendas;
  • Belief that the Work Groups in the SD should undertake "orientation" sessions for new (and existing) members;
  • Consider that the SD should also undertake such "orientation", particularly for new co-chairs.
  • How can the SD increase participation in the bi-weekly calls, particularly as this is where the agenda for SD meetings at the WGM will be set;
  • suggest, at minimum an e-mail

After the discussion considered a motion to:

"Over-turn the November decision, with the understanding that issue will be a primary topic of discussion at the Steering Division Monday night meeting in Sydney."

Action moved/seconded and approved: Mulrooney/Julian 4-0-0

Consideration of "SD "Orientation" Meetings at weach WGM

Belief that there is need for orientation for new Co-chairs (and candidates) to the business of the Steering Division, in particular:

  • What does the SD do? (what is its function within HL7);
  • What do the Work Groups that are members of the SD do?
  • How should a Work Group co-chair participate in the SD?

Bev Knight and Galen Mulrooney agreed to help set this up as an informal SD lunch table, similar to new member orientation.

Adjourned at 12:30PM

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