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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (date above)


Knapp (ITS), Mulrooney (SOA), Laakso, Stuart (InM), Julian (InM), Beeler (MnM), Walker

Approve Agenda and Minutes from Nov. 2, 2010

Julian/Walker Unanimous

InM Mission and Charter

Reviewed the Proposed Mission and Charter from InM that was posted in May but not previously reviewed.

Motion to approve: Julian/Walker unanimous.

Discussion of Motion to Reconsider

The review of minutes from November 2, led to a review of the e-mail thread that had resulted from the posting of those minutes in regard to the item: Change Scheduling of Face-to-Face SD Meeting at WGM.

The e-mail thread, while not unanimous evidenced a number of issues with the decision taken on November 2, and included a request (from Rene Spronk) to : "Please put both a motion to revisit, as well as the motion to [reverse] the earlier decision to hold FTSD meetings on Monday Q1 during WGMs, on the agenda of the SD call of Nov 16th." This action had not been taken, but this meeting was sympathetic to the request for such a motion.

Accordingly, the following motion was made and seconded (by Julian and Knapp):

Motion to Reconsider the Motion on WGM Meeting schedules adopted November 2, 2010 under the title "Change Scheduling of Face-to-Face SD Meeting at WGM"

This motion was discussed briefly.

The following motion was made and seconded (by Julian and Mulrooney):

Motion to Table the previous motion to reconsider

This motion carried unanimously with votes from ITS, InM, and SoA. (MnM was chairing and could not vote.)

Accordingly, the Motion to Reconsider will be the first agenda item on November 30, 2010.

Adjourned at 12:17PM EST

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