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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (date above)


Beeler, Rubin, Loyd, Hamm, Laakso


Approve Previous Minutes & Accept Agenda

Laakso asked to add InM Mission and Charter to the agenda. Agreed, but at time there was no longer quorum. Therefore will be added to 11/16 Agenda.

Agenda approval: Loyd/Hamm on Agenda - unanimous

Minutes approval:Rubin/Loyd - unanimous

Change Scheduling of Face-to-Face SD Meeting at WGM

Discussion had been held on the list raised objections that Rubin felt had been refuted. Discussion in meeting was similar.

Motion: (Rubin/Hamm) Move that F&T SD meet on first available Work Group quarter of working group meetings to allow sufficient time to discuss issues affecting the division.

Carried: 2-1-0

Note: Was agreed that this did not affect the previously scheduled Monday night meeting one way or the other.

CMET Reaffirmation Project Proposal

Beeler presented, for MnM, a Project Scope Statement that "seeks to affirm the previous approval of 62 Common Model Element Type (CMET) specifications that had previously completed HL7 Normative balloting as version (or release) 03 through version (or release) 08.

Motion to approve: Rubin/Lloyd unanimous

Items not discussed for lack of interested parties

  • RIMBAA Project Proposal
  • ArB Discussion on Substantivity


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