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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (date above)


Spronk (RIMBAA), Klein(Vocabulary), Knapp(ITS), Rubin(SOA), Peters(Impl/Conf), Beeler (mNm), Stuart(InM), Laakso (Facilitator)


  1. Roll Call as above
  2. Approved FTSD-F2F-20101004 & Accepted Agenda

RIMBAA Project Proposal

Reviewed RIMBAA Project Scope statement introduced during face-to-face meeting in Cambridge. Project is to develop and publish a series of RIMBAA "white papers" positioning and explaining usage, direction, etc. for RIMBAA.

Moved/Seconded by Spronk/Stuart and carried 6-0-0

Vocabulary Project Proposal for SKMT Glossary

Beeler introduced this as it had been re-drafted immediately following the face-to-face meeting on October 4. Essential changes were to make Vocabulary and V3 Publishing Jointly responsible for separable but related deliverables - establishing a process for defining, managing and publishing HL7-wide glossaries (Publishing) and coordinating the submission of these glossaries to the international standards coordination effort in ISO (Vocabulary).

Moved/Seconded by Klein/Stuart and carried 6-0-0

How to assure that FnTSD and its WGs have opportunity to review and engage in TSC considerations of Items of Interest

This issue was first raised on October 4, when it was clear that communication to the Security Work Group had been lacking and were responsible for inadequate information transfer between the TSC and the Security WG. Agreed that there are three elements:

  1. Ability to propose and formulate a "Steering Division Position" on particular issues for forwarding to TSC: Agreed that this should be handled by a direct request to the Steering Division and discussion on a scheduled call or face-to-face meeting.
  2. Notice of Expected "ACTION" from the TSC to a particular Work Group. In general, these notices are sent immediately after the TSC meeting to the co-chairs of the affected Work Group, and include an invitation to join the TSC meeting or call at which the item or action is to be discussed.
  3. Forwarding an item for Steering Division "ACTION" - These are being documented in the TSC Minutes with the expectation that the Steering Division co-chairs will follow up. This latter step has been missed, in the past, by this Steering Division's Co-chairs. Agreed to retain this process based on the assumptions that the Co-chairs will quickly forward such actions to the SD list server, with the word "ACTION" in the e-mail header.

Future Agenda Item to Change Scheduling of Face-to-Face SD Meeting at WGM

Ken Rubin will forward a discussion to the FnTSD list to consider establishing a face-to-face meeting of this Steering Division during a standard "quarter" early in the week of each WGM, rather than Monday night. Item is placed on the November 2 Agenda.

Adjourned at 12:36 PM

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