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At 12:25AM (Mulrooney/Julian)
At 12:25AM (Mulrooney/Julian)
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[[Foundation_%26_Technology_Meeting_Minutes_and_Agendas|Back to Meetings]]

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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (see page title for date of call)


Mulrooney, Walker, Beeler, Stuart, Hamm, Laakso, Knapp, Knight, Julian (Regrets: Rubin)

Approve Prior Minutes & Accept Agenda

Motion to approve Minutes of July 27, 2010 (Walker/Stuart) Unanimous

DSTU Extension for CTS2

Vocabulary Work Group had forwarded the following request in July:

F&T Leadership,
The CTS 2 SFM DSTU will expire in October of this year. The Vocabulary WG would like to ask for a prolongation of the DSTU for an additional one year period based on the following rationale:
  1. CTS2 will be undergoing standardization within the HSSP process using the HL7 SFM as its requirements input source influenced by HL7 and the OMG process.
  2. The OMG CTS2 PIM is anticipated to be standardized in the course of early 2011. A valid HL7 DSTU SFM is needed for this standardization process to continue. If the SFM validity expires before the OMG standardization is concluded, the formal basis of the standardization process is effectively removed.
I would like to request this topic to considered by F&T to be passed onto the TSC at the earliest convenient opportunity.

During discussion it was noted that two organizations (Mayo Foundation and I4SM) were actively collaborating on a joint RFP to OMG, and the extension of the DSTU was being sought to support this effort.

Motion to approve this extension and forward it to the TSC (Hamm/Mulrooney) Unanimous

Collect Agenda Items for Cambridge

Brief discussion of items for the agenda of the face-to-face meeting in Cambridge led to the following items:

  • Discussion of the Challenges of Addressing the MANY projects that WG's face
  • The Neutral Mapping Project - Its Status and the Means for Getting Multi-WG Involvement

Congratulations to Tony Julian

... on his election as Staeering Division Co-chair to term beginning January 1, 2011.


At 12:25AM (Mulrooney/Julian)

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