Domain Experts Steering Division SWOT - September 2013

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Domain Experts Steering Division

SWOT Analysis


  • Respected membership
  • HL7 savvy leadership
  • Membership includes several highly active Work Groups
  • DESD has an abundance of content and domain expertise


  • Limited time available from many members outside the WGM
  • Poor project coordination across steering divisions
  • Number of co-chairs that are relatively new to organization and it’s governance
  • Low participation in project approval votes


  • Find new ways to market the activity in DESD to recruit new members and new content
  • Introduction of new DESD Work Groups to share expertise, to assist with the maintenance of current standards and co-sponsor new projects.


  • SAIF – not well understood
  • Trying to maintain current standards along with trying to develop new standards
  • External organizations driving requirements, projects and timelines within Work Groups and the organization without following HL7 processes

Date of Last Revision

  • September 23, 2013