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Please vote on the PSS for the Pharmacy. Enter your name and WG along with your vote. 1 vote per WG. Poll open until February 9, 2016

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  • Summary -
    • Number of participants: 10
    • Most popular option: Affirmative
    • Votes in favor: 9
    • Comments: 2
    • Non-participating work groups counted as abstaining solely for the purpose of counting quorum
' Affirmative Negative (with comments) Abstain
John Rhoads (DEV) OK
Floyd Eisenberg (CQI) OK
edwardhelton BRIDG OK
Melva Peters (Pharmacy) OK
John Walsh (Anesthesia) OK
Michael Tan (PCWG) OK
Laura Heermann Langford (ECWG) OK
Erin Holt Coyne (PHER) OK
Dianne Reeves (CIC) OK
Bob Milius (Clinical Genomics) OK
John Kiser (RCRIM) OK
Count 10 1 0
Michael Tan Monday, February 1, 2016 1:47:54 o'clock PM GMT Is there any indication of the amount of issues? Will the WG work on a time boxed manner and see how many issues can be solved in that period? Or will the issues determine when the end date will be?
Floyd Eisenberg (CQI) Friday, January 29, 2016 10:36:04 o'clock PM GMT "Sorry - forgot to save my comment: The work effort seems appropriate. However, my understanding is that FHIR will not ballot v2.1 in May; rather it will go directly to a 3.0 ballot in September. Therefore, the timeline for reconciliation with FHIR 2.1 seems inconsistent. Perhaps a ballot in September 2016 with reconciliation with FHIR 3.0 is more appropriate. Please advise."