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Please vote on the PSS for the Anesthesia WG. Enter your name and WG along with your vote. 1 vote per WG. Poll open until November 23, 2014

Link to PSS Interoperative Anesthesia DAM PSS

  • Summary -
    • Number of participants: 9
    • Most popular option: Affirmative
    • Votes in favor: 8
    • Comments: 1
    • Non-participating work groups counted as abstaining solely for the purpose of counting quorum:

Work Group Health: Yellow Review of PBS Metrics: Green


' Affirmative Negative (only with comments) Abstain
Stephen Chu (PCWG) OK
John Kiser (RCRIM) OK
Craig Gabron (AWG) OK
Ken Pool (PHER) OK
John Walsh (Anesthesia) OK
John Rhoads (DEV) OK
Scott Robertson (PHARM) OK
Jim McClay (EDWG) OK
Dianne Reeves (CIC) OK
Count 8 0 1


Stephen Chu (PCWG) Sunday, November 2, 2014 PCWG recommends a few changes to PSS: (1) Project name change to: perioperative anaesthetic record as scope covers pre, intra and post op anaesthetic events; (2) Section 3a - deliverable to include UML class diagram of the clinical data models (instead of UML models); (3) Section 3a - to indicate that extra-corporal circulatory support contents will be dealt with by a separate project (as previously discussed)