Core Challenges For T3F

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Defining a Technical directorate

Goal date: May WGM - have a proposal that can be discussed and refined at WGM
  • Establish whether TD/T3F will: oversee development, or approve/monitor/intervene projects
  • Assume: Reasonable staffing/commitment levels for TD at
    • 2-hrs per week is realistic (1 call, 1 work) (Note: SI plan says 3-4 hrs/wk)
    • 5-7 hours during a WGM
  • Communication between committees
  • success criteria for TD

Coordinate our vision with the Board

Goal date(s): First report in 30 days, then continue
  • Verify that Governance & Structure is not in conflict with us

Maintain clear open communication to membership

Goal date(s): Should be ongoing

establish life cycle process

  • Continue our collaboration with Project Life Cycle
    • Add Action item to be sure Life Cycle is implementable in organization

establish technical architecture