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Dolin, Beeler, McCay, Parker, Case, Buitendyck


  1. What do we believe the T3F deliverables to be?
  2. Discuss the material Hans sent us and develop action plans for creating the T3F deliverables.
  3. Additional logistics


Deliverables and Scope

Recommend Structure & Architecture with White Papers and Dissolve

Execute part of the TD responsibilities as an interim

Deal with SI documents and Issues therein

Answer: All of the above


What should focus be? -- Identifying Architectural objectives and fulfilling them (i.e. reuse models not "DO THIS")

Identify issues between committees and recommend a process to resolve, but not to resolve by dictate.


  1. Starting with the Current "HDF", and the SI Documents identify the SIX (not more) features/objectives of the HL7 "Architecture" (e.g. "reuse common models")
  2. Work through the SI documents to identify issues and strategies that prevent achieving these objectives, and/or facilitate achieving them
  3. Define a process that can realize deliverables that meet these objectives.
  4. Identify principles under which Committees are formed and differentiated, including inter-committee conflict and provide a resolution therefore.
  5. Create a white paper for review by Board and TSC about this