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TSC - Technical Steering Committee

Monday, April 28th, 2008 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
To participate, dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 124466#
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  • CTO: John Quinn
  • Domain Experts: Jim Case (primary), Austin Kreisler (alternate)
  • Foundation & Technology: Ioana Singureanu (primary), Woody Beeler (alternate)
  • Structure & Semantic Design: Calvin Beebe (primary), Gregg Seppala (alternate)
  • Technical & Support Services: Ken McCaslin (primary), Helen Stevens Love (alternate)
  • Affiliate: Frank Oemig,
  • ARB Chair: Charlie Mead
  • HQ: Karen Van Hentenryck


  • Charles Jaffe (CEO); Ed Hammond (HL7 Chair); Chuck Meyer (HL7 Vice Chair)


Austin Kreisler


  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call - The following individuals participated on the call: Charlie McCay, Helen Stevens, Calvin Beebe, John Quinn, Gregg Seppala, Chuck Meyer, Woody Beeler, Frank Oemig, and Karen Van Hentenryck
    2. Accept Agenda - Agenda accepted
    3. Approve Minutes from concall-20080421 - MOTION by Beeler to approve the minutes; seconded by Stevens Love. Motion unanimously approved.
  2. (20 min) Standing Committee Reports/Approvals
    1. CEO Report - No report was provided.
    2. CTO Report -Quinn asked Beeler to outline the remaining process to get QA review of Normative Edition. Beeler responded that the goal is to have a solid preview site by the end of the week and detailed questions for committees for resolution. Committees will then be asked to review their content. Beeler will do a presenation of this schedule on Monday evening at the working group meeting. Committees should respond within two weeks, with goal of having the final the Normative Edition ready to duplicate by the end of May.
    3. ARB report - [[1]]Charlie Mead was not on the call but did send a written report to the listserv. Quinn noted that the ArB mission and charter was approved and the web site is being updated accordingly to reflect this. Beeler noted that ballot Q/A has not been well coordinated between Beeler and Don Lloyd. We will deal with this on Saturday.
    4. Affiliates Report - Nothing to report
    5. Domain Experts - - Nothing to report
    6. Foundation & Technology - Nothing to report
    7. Structure & Semantic Design - Beebe noted that the EHR profile project will be brought forward on Saturday at the WGM.
    8. Technical & Support Services - Stevens Love asked who manages the product code. The TSC or Board needs to assign who manages the product code and not realy on Project Services committee. Quinn feels this would part of the MECC discussions. MECC is looking at how to manage non-technical, previously Board-appointed committees that are now under the TSC. ACTION ITEM: TSC would like a concrete recommendation. AMS requested an education webinar update for Monday evening.
  3. (30 min) Discussion topics
    • Results of nomination committee elections - Does TSC wish to appoint someone to that committee - Karen
    • Signing up to proctor co-chair elections - Please let Karen know if you wish to proctor an election.
    • GOC work items - Chuck Meyer reported that a work item going forward will be abstentions in ballot pools. The work items will be going to the EC today. Once Meyer knows what the final list will be, he wills send it to the TSC.
    • Finalzing agenda for Saturday/Sunday TSC meetings May 2008 WGM- McCay has put some timing against the agenda items. We will need to compress some of the times. McCay asked if there were items missing from the list or if there were concerns regarding the time assigned to particular items. Helen Stevens Love wondered if administrative reviews could be pushed to conference calls. Beebe suggested moving the administrative items to Sunday evening. McCay thought it might be good to have substantive discussions on Saturday and then come back to them on Sunday evening. REviewing and mission/charter was suggested as an issue that might be dealt with in conference call. Others felt that reviewing this face to face would be beneficial. The two requirements elements under ArB seem less generic; seconded two items are ones that need TSC review. ArB portion of agenda may be decreased to 40 minutes. Beeler will try to find a letter on the TSC elections so we have something to start with. McCay's reasons for giving 90 minutes for mission/resource plan is that these items seem critical for moving forward. There is concern that this is little raw material to feed into that discussion. Not have resource planning is a fairly substantial failure and this McCay would be reluctant to reduce the time spent on this issue>
    • Monday morning presentation - McCay will make this presentation and it will include balloting changes, high-level GOM process, etc. If people feel there are other issues that need to be covered, please convey those to McCay. Quinn noted that some topics may emerge from the Saturday/Sunday sessions.
    • Finalizing agenda for Monday evening TSC meeting: May 2008 WGM- Abdul-Malik Shakir asked to add an updated on the Education Webinar projects on Monday evening. These discussion will take place during the meal. Beebe noted his SD had trouble achieving quorum following the meal and asked HQ to have a handout on the tables that lists the names of the rooms to which the respective SDs will re-convene. Beeler asked if the TSC is sufficiently delegating decisions to the SDs so they have decisions to make. Its not that the groups have nothing to talk about, its that there is no particular decision to make. Beeler noted that we probably want to talk about TSC elections on Monday night, indicating which SDs will have elections and let people know what will happen during the summer.
    • Technical newsletter - karne noted that we are on schedule to release the first technicla newsletter before the WGM. Thanks to Helen Stevens Love and Wendy Huang for their efforts on this first edition.

Call adjourned at 11:48 am ET