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TSC - Technical Steering Committee

Monday, February 11th, 2008 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
To participate, dial 702-894-2444 and enter pass code 1244667#
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  • CTO: John Quinn
  • Domain Experts: Jim Case (primary), Austin Kreisler (alternate)
  • Foundation & Technology: Ioana Singureanu (primary), Woody Beeler (alternate)
  • Structure & Semantic Design: Calvin Beebe (primary), Gregg Seppala (alternate)
  • Technical & Support Services: Ken McCaslin (primary), Helen Stevens Love (alternate)
  • Affiliate: Frank Oemig,
  • ARB Chair: Charlie Mead
  • HQ: Karen Van Hentenryck


  • Charles Jaffe (CEO); Ed Hammond (HL7 Chair); Chuck Meyer (HL7 Vice Chair)


  • Jim Case


  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call - The following individuals participated on the call: Charlie McCay, John Quinn, Jim Case, Austin Kreisler, Woody Beeler, Calvin Beebe, Charlie Mead, Chuck Meyer, Ed Hammond, Gregg Seppala, Ioana Singureanu, Ken McCaslin, Karen Van Hentenryck (HQ), Helen Stevens-Love (joined at 11:30)
    2. Accept Agenda - Beebe noted that one of the project approvals from his steering division was taken off the agenda as one of the other steering divisions indicated they had not reviewed the project. He asked for a brief discussion of the process. With that addition, the agenda was approved.
    3. Approve Minutes - concall-20080204- MOTION by Case: To approve the minutes; seconded by Charlie Mead. Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Standing Committee Reports/Approvals
    1. CEO Report - Charles Jaffe was not on the call.
    2. CTO Report - [1]- Quinn reminded the group that he'd submitted his report in advance of the meeting. Regarding the ISO projects, Quinn's goal is to have the project scope statements approved prior to the Feb 23 meeting at HIMSS with ISO. The project scope statements currently available on the TSC tracker for these project are not complete; complete project scope statement for these will be submitted by Lise Stevens, Julie James and Randy Levin.
    3. Affiliates Report- Nothing to report.
    4. Domain Experts - Nothing to report.
    5. Foundation & Technology -
      • Motion to approve Security and Terminology project scope statement [2] - There was an open issue last week as to whether this is a US Realm project. The co-chairs of the Security work group have indicated that they had not explicitly specified this as US Realm. The question the TSC needs to answer is whether we they comfortable with this being designated as Universal realm if no one from the international committee has participated in the review. Singureanu noted that this project is essentially maintenance to an existing document. MOTION by Singureanu: To approve the Security and Teminology project as written; seconded by Beebe. Motion passed unanimously. ISSUE: Need to specify criteria for realm specific and universal projects. ISSUE: Also, add a notation to the project form to indicate whether the project is Universal or Realm specific.
    6. Structure & Semantic Design -
      • Motion to approve IG for CDA R2, Level 3 Personal Healthcare Monitoring Reports project [3]- MOTION by Beebe: To approve the IG for CDA, R2 Level 3 Personal Healthcare Monitoring Reports project; seconded by Charlie Mead. Motion passed unanimously.
      • Motion to approve EHR-S Vital Records Functional Profile Project [4]- MOTION by Beebe: To approve the EHR-S Vital REcords Functional Profile project; seconded by Case. Discussion: noted there has been discussion in PHER SIG about this project and asked whether it was being moved out of the Domain Experts steering division to the Structure & Semantic steering division. Kreisler indicated that there will be a separate vital records projects from the domain analysis perspective coming up through PHER. Kresiler also noted that the scope statement indicates this project to be US Realm specific. Motion passed unanimously. Beeler noted this committee in the future should not be approving US Realm projects. ISSUE: Develop procedures for approving US Realm projects (assign to Charlie McCay).
      • Motion to approve CCOW Support of SAML Assertions project [5]- MOTION by Beebe: To approve the CCOW Support of SAML Assertions project; seconded by Singureanu. Motion passed unanimously.
    7. Technical & Support Services -Nothing to report.
  3. Discussion Topics
    1. (10 min) ARB report - Charlie Mead reported that there are 3 items in the TSC tracker assigned to the ArB. One is to develop their mission/charter; the second is related to fixed lengths for V2 fields, the third is resolution of the Medical Records ballot. The Medical Records ballot issue stems from negative ballot submitted by GE against a membership ballot and they felt the process was wrong in that material was put out for ballot while the vocabulary wasn’t through harmonization. ArB had a heated discussion on this issue; some ArBers feel that MnM has created a loop hole that allows committees to include material in their ballot that has not been approved. Some ArBers felt that this was acceptable and that the committee should not have to re-ballot the material. Grahame Grieve will go as an ArB representative to MnM and ask for their opinion on the current framework. <<Helen Stevens Love joined the all at this time.>> Beeler noted that there are differences between distribution specifications that are static models and vocabualry constraints. Vocabulary was intended to be balloted as it changes too frequently. Beeler futher noted that specification of value set does not belong in static model as vocabulary is not part of the specification. There is a new ballot document coming out in this ballot cycle that should clarify this. RESOLUTION: Charlie Mead will respond to Keith Boone that their argument, based on the information above, is non-persuasive. Clarification on this issue is intended to be forthcoming. If GE withdraws their negatives, the ballot is finished. If they don’t withdraw their negative vote, we will move forward with a recirculation ballot.
    2. (10 min) V2 -
      • Published as DSTU- There was agreement among the TSC members that V2.7 will be published as a DSTU.
      • Coverage for each chapter- What will happen if the committee doesn’t have the bandwidth or interest in covering Version 2. We will get negative votes on 2.7 if we don’t maintain all the chapters. We know that chapter 12 (Patient Care) needs a maintainer and we believe that chapter 11, Patient Referral will also need a maintainer. The V2 Publishing co-chairs are not responsible for maintaining this information. ISSUE: The Domain Experts steering division will research cross dependencies and suggest a plan for moving forward. The V2 publishing co-chairs are not responsible for maintaining this information.
    3. (10 min) Project Scope Document template [6]- Case noted that this form is an improvement. Comments include:
      • Add place to designate realm.
      • Bring the form into alignment with the GOM
      • Additional thought needed for fields that are generally applicable but not specifically applicable (i.e., RIM would not be published as DSTU)
      • Discomfort with requiring everything to go to DSTU
    4. Joint projects – primary sponsor was responsible for getting approval and notification should be sent to other steering divisions. Beebe noted that he did post the project to the cochairs listserve and thus he fulfilled this obligation. We will bring this project forward for approval on next week’s call.

Agenda item list (our sand box for future meetings)

  • Approval of project scope statement template
  • Approval of Security and Terminology project scope statement (after determining from work group whether this is realm specific)
  • Review HITSP projects
  • Review ISO/CEN/HL7 joint projects
  • Review draft document outlining work group collaboration
  • REview draft document outlining processes for bringing JIC projects into HL7

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